Droplets of rains

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I sit down,sipping the coffee and wishing for the rains.
Nah!It's not Monsoon time.
Gotta wait for few more months as the first showers splash on the windows,the branches shaking itself.
The first monsoon as I remember this girl,beautifully drapped in her salwar.
She ran down the stairs and  pulled her arms,embracing the rains.
She willfully offered herself to the God of rains, drenched.
We all patiently wait for the rains to come.
We drench ourselves as the rains falls on our hair and our faces,down to our lips.
From our upper lip,we taste of the water as if it is droplets of wine.
As the rain water fall heavily,shaking our existence,we dance to its tunes,playing street football,falling down.
Crazy stuffs that we Indians love to do.
We love our monsoon.
It's unique to our character and carve our identity as a nation.
As we sit on the Drive,Monsoon is another excuse to steal a kiss and get cozy.
The most romantic time of the year,Monsoon time.
Come fast as we impatiently long for your presence.
Shower us your blessings.
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