Perish in the flames of lust

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We shall perish in the flames of desire.
Born in the city of lust,
Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit.
Hell!It was passed to us.
Innocent as we were,we mistook it for a sweet fruit.
We ate the fruit of lust.
It thrust us in Eden garden as we longed for lust.
O!Yore!We shall perish some day in the flames.
We call it by numerous names.
Spiritual fathers call it an energy.
We call it a necessary evil.
Evil always perish.
We shall be.
The scared hour shall come.
Our souls will be liberated from the shackles of lust.
We shall become free again.
Free from the forbidden fruit.
It shall no longer remain sweet.
Lest,the time hasn't come.
We shall lust, ran after desires which eludes faraway from us.
We shall suffer form the wrath of the Gods.
Remember we choose to consume the forbidden fruit.
The lethal poison has integrated our body.
A life time won't suffice to remove evils.
We are enjoying the lust,carnal desires as if there is no tomorrow.
Little can we do to overcome the tide.
Yet, The Time shall come.
Believe me!O generations of Adamesque and Eve...
We shall burn in the flames.
It will rip our souls.

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