Seduced in the cloud

I was struck by your charm and elegance.
An endearing face, peachy eyes and a killer smile.
Seduced at the airport, it could have been a love story.
A stranger that rekindle feeling in the heart.
I overdid it, insisting to lift your luggage.
The smile and shyness still ring fresh in my mind.
A crush you were, one of the first among the cloud and sky.
Snippet of conversation we had,
Sharing how you in awe of Marine Drive,
After all, you are a Mumbaikar.
The first Mumbai girl whose charm I fell for.
It's been a decade long,
Your face suddenly cropped in my mind, stranger love.
We could have been lovers,
Yet a face that crossed my path in life's journey.
We were young...still are.
Stay blessed and make the world beautiful.
You must be conquering your dreams and fighting battles.



Morning mist

Morning mist,
Sunlight wafting in the air.
Ray of rainbow touches the soul as its divine view,
makes for a shining day, bringing positive energy.
Starting early in the morning,
admiring the sunshine and moon's crescent view,
the heart feels contentment and spirit is lifted.
Feeling dash of hope and togetherness,
united with every cell in the universe.
A sunny day,
feeding the mind with the intricate beauty offered by nature.
Sweetening slice of life,
a cat mewing, birds chirping happily to bliss.
Fragrance of the day echoes thoughts of early risers.

With Love


Bol Radha Bol!!

Now, who can say that one day, Sunny Leone will go out of job in times of recession? Sunny and her ilk can re-invent herself when her jawani goes out of toss. No, the Leone Babe doesn't need to go bald for that, even if she does, there are so many things she can do.
Image credit: Radhey Maa on Google
Let me think for a minute! Like playing Radha! Yeps, tube light moment..playing Radhey Maa that Radhey herself has immortalized, doing a double swing like Hema Malini in Seeta aur Geeta and Sridevi in Chalbaaz. A modern version would be Tanu Weds Manu Returns.
Bol Radha Bol 2.0, Radha on the dance floor reloaded, what options is Radhey Maa offering to heroines whose careers will soon dip. From Baby Doll to Dharmic Doll, Maa spreads Bhakti and Shakti all over. Now, Shakti Kapoor stop peeping through the hole, wearing saffron Kurta! 
Radhey Maa on the reality show and swinging to the tune of Karan Johar on Jhalak Reloaded is a winning proposition to push the show's TRP. One hour full blast of Bhakti dance, Tandav and Radha on the dance floor, likes to party. It will be mother of shows, I tell you. Radhey Maa will tie Rakhi on your wrist, aooo!! From Lolita to Radhey Maa. What a jodi and super hit combo that would the silver screen, Shakti Kapoor and Radhey Maa!
Our new age Maa, gives darshan in the day and dances to her tune, wearing lal lal during the night. Ah! The devotees who hug and carry her like a child, must be reveling in ecstasy witnessing their favorite Maa's new found celebrity status. Twiterrazi must be having a field day like Yusuf Pathan. Kitna pyari Bachi hai, Achiko Bachiku sab se pyari hai Radhey Munni tu.

Blessing doled out all over the place and this Maa is the dowry Maa. Move over Lalita Pawar folks and her atrocity wrecked on-screen Bahus. Just imagining if Radhey Maa had bahus, how would she treat them!Their punishment would be to sit for long hours in Pravachan and sing for her in shopping malls, clapping hands, while she would gyrate to chart busters.
Heard Subhash Ghai take her blessing before releasing his latest movie!! Just wondering what must be her age when Kalicharan, Ram Lakhan and Taal released!! In any case, she must be a Maa in progress and growing up like the software we install on the laptop. Mere do anmol ratan, ek hai ram ek hai lakhan, Radhey Maa must be singing and swooning. Bole toh, ek dum blockbuster Maa hai yeh Radhey.
A Maa as cute as Radhey gives complex to Deepika's dimple and Katrina's lachak, Chikni Chameli ya My name is Radhey, Radhey ki bhakti. Now, I am thinking, how I should change my career and turn into saint, a Baba sitting under the shade of a Peepal tree, reading destiny and running away with loads of rupaiyas. See, Radhey Maa is such an inspiration and I'll become a millionaire chutki me. After all, who wants to watch AB in KBC to become Crorepathi when Radhey Maa is here.
Bol Radha (ey) tune yeh kya kiya.



The Mask of lies, deceit

The mask has fallen off the face;
In the world of pretense, they are on the downside every single day;
Spinning the web of lies and deceit.
How you make fool of people!
Thinking you have the upper hand!
I shall let you think so!
Pretending I don't have an inkling of the mind games played,
it's fun to see how far you go.
Sounds exciting and thrilling,
In the name of office politics,
you pretend to be all potent and powerful,
I know how scared you are.
Keep doing it,
you shall be beaten at your own game,
not by me,
but You Yourself.
I doff my hat,
observing your antics and smiling.
Over to you, Sir



RIP Porn the Ban

Subjects should never trust their Government! Hum Rankh woh Raja, it's the stark reality. I almost jumped with joy to make killing on the market when the porn ban was announced. I was on the verge of writing porn in protest against the ban to make the moolah. They made a U-turn to snatch my Rozi Roti.
Porn ban in India
Image credit: Google/Reuters
Ab yeh Rosie kaun hai! A birdie tells me her name sake was Mr Bachchan, secretary, in the golden days when PR was an unheard breed snatching the Roti of secretaries and us, journalists, lame attempt to snatch our bread-and-butter. See! My female character in my best-selling porn book would have been Rosie. I'd made a killing on the market, a breather to the sex and porn-starved men and women. I never became the savior for those poor species. The angry young man, re-incarnated by Yours truly, to save the people from the ruthless Thakur. I curse my Kismet. What a destiny I have! The Government has just thrown lathi on my peth. Yeh kya hua! Kaise Hua! Kab Hua! Kyon Hua!
Slap stick comedy going on, I tell you! Tu tu mein mein. Porn the Ban, Ban the Porn and it makes a comeback. Reason why! They tell you they can't control everything. A tale of death defying gravity and Issac Newton would be fuming in paradise. How they badly wanna wake up Newton uncle from his slumber, thinking he is Kumbhakarna!
Hey!! Was our man Kumbhakarna watching porn in his free time? Now, my silly mind is going havoc wondering how he was watching it and where he rented the DVDs, chupke chupke se. After all, it's a matter of aesthetic taste and Sunny Leone must be relieved for not going out of work and considering playing Radhey Maa on-screen. Babe! She has just been saved from going Dharmic when the likes of Malika Sherawat are out of work. Wonder what Giriraj Chauhan has to say about it! Aha! Was the FTII chairman planning to make good cinema by getting inspiring? Porn the Ban. What a market for us to become the biggest producer of Porn!! Censor board would have so much work to do, actively banning porn.
Image credit: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/
We love muzzling voices, isn't it and banning everything that moves. Nopes! Beef on the plate doesn't move, couples having sex..do they get an orgasm of sort barging in rooms or what? Ban the Porn before doing a volte face. Ab kya karenge mein after removing the ban on porn? What shall I write? Hawan Karenge Karenge! I'll start writing books on Dharma, preaching wearing a saffron robe. I tell you, there are lots of money in that. Donning the mantle of a Swami, sprinkling blessing and what I do inside my prayer room is not for you to know! After all, there is no dearth of sexy Kanya as I try a Krishna. Nopes, don't get ideas for I know it's my dirty imagination at play or yours. Remember, Swami Nithyananda. 
I better do, Kapal Bharti for peace and Mann ki shanti. Forget about my porn adventure for the dream has broken into small pieces and shattered by the Government. Are Sarkar! Why do you give me false hope and let me dream. I better upload peeps smart phones with soft porn and erotic love in exchange for few 100 bucks. Koi bata de how do I make money now.

RIP Porn Ban


Celebrating 40 years of timeless, cult cinema: Sholay

It's Sholay, the Indian western that continue to define the glorious history of Hindi cinema. After all, how can a movie hit the right nail like that!! I must have watched Sholay more than 50 times, no I ain't kidding! A movie that stays with me forever and still gives me goosebumps even today. A pure tale of masala entertainment with all the right ingredients concocted, Jai-Veeru ki dosti, Basanti and her Tangewali, Thakur and, of Course, Gabbar.

As Sholay celebrates 40 years in cinema, transporting us to the world of Ramgarh, Kitne Admi the aur Maasi being Kabab mein Haddi and Jai spoiling the fun of Veeru, I attempt a tribute to a movie that brought a nation together, relishing the pure magic of cinema and serves as a timeless, great reference point to students of cinema.

Timeless and fresh offering high voltage of entertainment, Sholay remains Hindi cinema's own unique Western adventure on celluloid. Belonging to a generation that missed the frenzy of the cult movie, I watched it on TV and DVDs on countless occasions and the background music still runs at the back of my mind. It's still playing havoc right now as I am writing this tribute to the movie that I can watch forever and still not sense a loopholes or dull moment.. It's cinema extravaganza at its best. Ramesh Sippy got it so perfect and one wouldn't be wrong to say that the film maker was ahead of its time. It's the best one can get in terms of entertainment, action, romance, a dreaded villain, talkative village bumpkin aka Basanti and her Tangewali, friendship immortalized by Jai-Veeru-they could have been lovers, silent lovers-Jai and Radha, comedy and romance cum awesome songs.

The movie rolls with Thakur, an upright man but obsessed with revenge for avenging the death of his family by Gabbar, the hunt for Jai-Veeru and of course our own Gabbar, Kitne Aadmi The. Sholay belongs to the masses but also to the classes and what a sacrilege to hear a cinema student tells that he or she never watched Sholay in its entire life. Dharmendra as Veeru defines flamboyance with aplomb as the happy-go-lucky guy, Jai played by Amitabh Bachchan gave the characters unique shades of broodiness and restrained act, making it an impossible task for anyone to emulate him even if they did, they failed miserably albeit to a mediocre level. Hema Malini as Basanti was one character that tickled the heart and one wouldn't miss watching her antics. She was everything that defines cuteness and endearing, Yoon toh Basanti!!!! Chal Dhano!

Jaya Bhaduri as Radha was the perfect anti-dote to Bachchan's brooding and angry young man character, silent and yet both of them united by a cursed destiny. The real hero remains Amjad Khan as Gabbar Singh, whom everyone love to hate with equal fervor yet wouldn't shy to emulate. The grave menace, scary eyes and maniac laugh that would make one craves to be in  his place. Of course, off screen. This is cinema to me, powerful act, superb script by Salim-Javed, amazing songs, 'Yeh Dosti', Holi Ke Din, 'Mehbooba'. Master piece par excellence, scorching on screen and a real cinema experience and gem that needs no polishing. It's a treasure hunt and better let it be buried in Ramgarh.
The drama packed with dialogues that stays with us forever and we would never let it end. Whether it's Veeru suicide and finally telling, 'Mausi se kaun shaadi karega Saale or Jai mouthing 'Tera Naam Kya Hai Basanti, Haan yeh James Bond ka pota or Gabbar's famous, 'Yeh Haath mujhe dede Thakur.' Or, Sanjeev Kumar as Thakur Baldev Singh getting the last word in the climax after standing stoic throughout the film.
A tale of silent romance beautifully portrayed on screen between Jai and Radha, making eye contact and after Jai death, she closes the window. It tears the heart the parting scene powerful captured, something we could only read in literature, gently touching the core of the life of a widow and woman sexuality in a subdued manner. Of course, it is open to interpretation. Jai and Veeru could have been gay lovers in another era and bromance came with Sholay first and later with Karan Johar's Dostana. Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin Todenge is an antidote to the romance that was brewing somewhere between the male protagonists.

Being a die-hard Bachchan's fan, I feel that RGV ki Aag was the biggest mistake he made in his entire career. Call me conservative or not, I believe that classics and cult movies should not be touched and soiled, be it a master stroke like Sholay, Deewar, Don,Agneepath, Ganga Jamuna, Mother India or Umrao Jaan. Sholay is such a powerful cracker that Ramu was not spared and almost died like Gabbar. Only thing is RGV could have been a pale version of Gabbar.

A celebration of cinema that goes beyond 40 years that makes our life King Size as taalis and seethis thrown on the screen, defining and giving an identity to Indians. If reel could be imitated, Sholay would have been the obvious choice. How I wish I could watch Sholay on 70 mm screen and I mean the black-and-white version in the theater and not multiplexes. It would have been the perfect Sholay experience to taste every moment of its greatness like munching every sip of Falooda and swirling it on the tongue.


Monsoon Affair (16)

Monsoon Affair (16): Last and Final, a Monsoon Love Story

She slowly opened her eyes and furtively glanced across the room's corners. The blurred vision soon turns into reality, seeing smiling faces Niharika, Aniket and Varun. She became anxious, wondered that it would be a matter of time that she would be handcuffed for murder but relieved that her parents souls' will be liberated. She took her vengeance and would happily go to the gallows.
 Aniket sensed that she was anxious and said, "Don't worry Huma. No one got wind of your target who was charred to death. It's not a hospital bed but the army camp. But, for the time being, the three of you, Varun and Niharika must go underground to ensure that your steps are not trailed. You are going to settle in a faraway place in Goa. The ticket arrangement has been made and a nice bungalow, jobs has been arranged to live comfortably. But, make sure that you tread in a discreet manner."
Niharika slowly stepped towards the bed, caressed Huma's hand and kissed her on the forehead, careful not to touch her bandaged forehead. Aniket and Niharika slowly slipped out of the room to give space to Varun and Huma. After all, it's a reunion of love and a new beginning is awaiting them in the Monsoon.
Varun sat on the bed, gently stroking and caressing Huma's hand. He asked, "How are you feeling?"
She smiled like a crazy girl, giggling like the days of innocence and a girl in love for the first time. "I feel that I am falling in love like crazy with you. I was always in love but denied your presence. You better don't ditch me or I will plot your death."
He perched his head down and smiled, "You are a dangerous lover. Forget about revenge now. I wanna make love to you. I can't believe that it's been a year we've met and the monsoon is yet to strike this year. Our Monsoon Affair."
Huma corrected him, "It's Monsoon Love not Affair. It was an affair, one night stand and it turned into love..."
"Eternal Monsoon Love....I wanna tell the tale of immortal love to our grand-children one day. Time to make love and honeymooning in Goa. I can't wait for sex for I know we are are deprived," he added.
Huma smiled seductively with a sheepish glance, averted his gaze.
The plan flew to Goa. Huma, Varun and Niharika sat on different seats and knew that they would be separated from Niharika who would be staying at a different place with different names to avoid raising suspicion.
Varun and Huma checked in the bungalow at South Goa, not far off from Palolem Beach. They lay on the bed in the dim-lit room, adorned by white curtains knotted together as thin air wafted through the closed window. Huma gave a seductive glance as she put her head on Varun's shoulders. She asked, "What happened? You were so excited a day earlier that I thought you already had an orgasm. Feeling shy? She pinched his nose.
Varun held Huma tightly in his arms, caressed her face and stroked her lip with his tongue, kissing passionately, wrapping the blanker around their naked bodies.
Three years later, the newly married couple reached Mumbai in the Jet Airways flight and they were stranded like during the old days. They made a new beginning with a new name and another identity to carve new dreams cum aspirations in Maximum City. It's the new beginning and new season of love, Monsoon Love Story. A new life is under way to open its eyes to their world.

The end.

Freedom: India at 69

India celebrated its 69th Independence Day on August 15, Saturday. Our freedom is a rich legacy left behind by our fore parents where they fought for our freedom and it's something we need to uphold and constantly strive for. Freedom is something we should never take for granted and always strive to uphold when things goes wrong. It's our identity as Indians. Listen to what our blogger and FB friends have to say.

Image credit: Google India.

Freedom means:

 Garima Shrivastava Nag 

Freedom to me is to be able to think, express, move, work & live freely. Freedom means that my action is not dictated by anyone, person or system. I'm free to make my life choices as long as I don't step on anyone's space. Freedom is to live without fear & bondage. Freedom is much than just being physically. Mental freedom scores much higher. A free mind worth more than just a free body.

Surbhi Thukral:

Freedom is the empowerment to create a society conducive to social welfare. It is the liberty to raise your voice against wrong without fear.

Megha Chauhan:

Freedom to me is about making free and independent choices, about leading a fearless life with complete liberty and about spreading humanism.

Maniparna Sengupta:

I think independence is a state of mind, a way to appreciate the celebration called life. Liberation from all the shackles that produces hatred toward human kind. Independence means to live in one's own terms and letting others to do the same.

Independence Day is also the time for us to seek joy and happiness by showing our Indian-ness being decked in the colors of the tricolor. My friend, Ananya Kiran (ananyatales.com), tells you how to make our Independence Day special and hope the video helps you for the next Republic Day in January and next August 15 when we turn 70.

Happy Independence Day and may we be free from the shackles of society in our thoughts and strive for our freedom.  I am penning a short story, imaginative but very much a reality among so many of us, embedded in our thoughts about India. Hope you like it.


It's a sunny Saturday morning at Red Fort when the Indian tricolor fluttered high in the sky and mammoth crowd proudly sang, Jana Gana Mana, and bowed to Mother India. It was difficult to wriggle one's way out after the Prime Minister's convoy's left the venue.

Two young man finally made the way out, sweating profusely and ordered cutting chai at the tapdi and sharing a cigarette. He seemed very irritated looking at the crowd dispersing while his companion looked with pride at the number of Indians, braving the heat to stand at Red Fort.

"What's there to be proud, watching the national flag unfurl?", Kuch nahin hoga was fuming.

Desh badlega looked at him and couldn't believe what his best friend whom he has known since childhood just blurted out

The pessimist lets out, "I am telling you. Nothing will change in this country. We are proud for a day and then forget about every thing. You name it, you get it, corruption, morons breaking traffic signals, poverty, dirt, homelessness, jumping the queues, no respect for women and elders, rape. The list is endless. Nothing is right in this country and nothing will ever change."

Desh badlega decided to teach his friend a lesson and will not let him win the argument today, not on Independence Day. He didn't flinch, "Obviously, with pessimists like you who keep harping and criticizing the country and will not make the slightest effort to be the change. You never do anything to be the change. It's the sad reality of cynics today."

Kuch Nahin Hoga was taken aback, "What are you talking about? If I start doing all these, what has Modi, Rahul or Kejriwal been elected for?"

Desh Badlega said, "This is the problem. If everyone start thinking like that, nothing will happen. Keep criticizing the effort of people who are trying to make small changes in society despite the fact that things are wrong. Look at yourself: You throw wrappers on the street, you look with disdain at the homeless child yet you will never buy a banana or pack of milk for the innocent life. I've seen you the last time when those bastards were teasing a girl. You laughed and walked as if nothing happened."

Kuch nahin hoga didn't know what to say. "Buddy, chill! There is always a risk of cops getting me into trouble at the police station or those guys taking a revenge against me. What would you do?"

Desh Badlega said, "Well! I called the cops and alerted some people on the streets. The thugs were arrested. I believe that small things that can make a difference. I don't need to be in politics to make small changes happen. I teach homeless children because empowerment and education is the only way for progress and a better India. When someone throws a wrapper on the street, I pick it up and put in the bin. I volunteer with some people to clean not just the backyard but the colony where I stay. I blog against injustice. As a citizen. it's not just my right but duty to free India from such shackles of evil forces.I contribute in signing petitions and share stuffs to create awareness, unlike some cynics who keep criticizing. I value what our ancestors have given to the nation. I value my country."

It was like a blow to Kuch Nahin Hoga who was at a loss of words and blurted, "To each its own." These words dug a nail to the coffin words, "Well! Don't complain then," Desh Badlega said and patted his back, "Let's go now and appreciate our freedom that we enjoying today."


Monsoon Affair (15)

Monsoon Affair (15):

"Huma is in deep shit. We must save her from murdering Shankar. Revenge is raging high in her mind and she is obsessed with baying with the blood of the man who destroyed her family," Niharika almost shouted.
Varun couldn't believe his eyes after reading the letter, repeating the fuck word thrice. Niharika pleaded with him, "Now, get out of this mode, will you? Say something, do something."
"I am calling the police," he flipped the phone out of his pocket.
Niharika snatched the phone from his hand, "Man! Are you crazy? She will get arrested. You will destroy her life. Let's save Shankar's life first. What are you thinking? But, how......"
"How?", Varun repeated.
He lit a cigarette and took a drag, inhaled deeply. "We need to track her," he said.
"Wait," Niharika jumped on her feet. She took Varun phone and called someone, "Yeah! Where are you? Just come to the flat, I told you."
Minutes later, there is a knock on the door and a tall and well-built fellow opened the door. walked towards Niharika and hugged her tightly. She said, "Meet Varun, this is Aniket. He is from the army.
Aniket took a tour of the flat and fixed some wires to the landline and switched on the grey laptop. He asked in a grave tone, "Niharika, what's her mobile number." He entered a code and said, "She is travelling in the local and is past Panvel. Let's rush in my jeep, guys."
The jeep zoomed in the traffic and the red bulb is activated, siren blowing to signal vehicles to make way for the army guys. They reached Panvel in less than 30 minutes. Niharika asked, "Where are we going?"
"Obviously, we are following your friend, Huma. She has just got down from the train at Borivali and is boarding a cab, swerving towards the outskirt. I think they are veering to a nearby and obscure village."
Aniket called from the telecom in the jeep. "Hello! New Operation! Trail blazer!! 1,2,3, activate GPS."
Voices in unison dutifully replies in Haryanvi accent, "New Operation! Trail blazer. GPS activated."
"Good! Trail blazer! Cordon the area. Follow Chameli and do a chamak challo in Navi Mumbai."
"Chamak Challo, Chameli dressed in jeans, leather jacket and boots, all black. She is on a mission. Over and Out, 1,2,3."
Aniket ordered, "Good job, guys. No firing. Behave like villagers and loafers. 1,2,3. Over and Out."
The jeep slowed down in a dusty area, surrounded by a dirty lake where there is no sign of life and wearing a completely deserted, faraway from the slightest activity. Aniket ordered, "Boys! Take position."
He urged Niharika and Varun to follow him, creeping on the muddy terrain. They could see the soldiers, dressed as ordinary citizens in torn jeans approaching the wooden door of the small, dingy room in decrepit state. The soldiers barged inside with guns and rifles, Aniket ran towards the room in shamble, followed by Niharika and Varun. The boys in arms, carried a lamp in their hand that was cupped to the face of Huma, suddenly lightened in the dark. She was taken aback and fired a shot which was averted by the saviors of Shankar. Huma was flabbergasted to see Varun, Niharika and the unknown men.
She threatened with a gun, "Don't dare approach me. I will kill him today. He has to die for destroying my life, No, you cannot deny me the pleasure of seeing him dying," she yelled.
Huma's voice cracked. The area where Shankar was tied on a wooden chair and petrol was thrown around, forming a circle. It took them a while to realize that Huma planned to burn Shankar alive and was deprived of her desire to kill him in a matter of seconds. The perfect timing.
Aniket tried to distract her, "Huma, don't take law in your hands. The court will deal with his crime."
"No," she shouted. "I waited for this time to savor my vengeance."
Varun inched slowly towards her, "Huma! My love. You are the only one that matters to me. It's a beautiful world. Don't soil your hand."
"Varun," Huma says. "I am warning you. Don't move."
She incidentally slipped on her sneakers and the gun was pushed away from her hand by the army man and incidentally landed straight on Shankar. Aniket and his guys mightily pushed all of them past the door and they flew in the air to land on the muddy terrain.
A loud explosion was heard and bang, it felt like gun shots in a war torn area. Fire ravaged the dingy room which took no time to turn into ashes. Shankar met his end and his body was charred to death. It suddenly started raining furiously and they walked with utmost difficulty towards the jeep. The team went into separate directions. Huma, Niharika and Varun would never see those men but, perhaps, will hear of them defending the country from invasion across the border.


Monsoon Affair (14)

Monsoon Affair (14)

It's Friendship Day. I am sitting alone, wearing my cute frock and my eyes are moist. I am holding a red rose, which the cute boy gave to me and run away for his life. He looked frightened. I didn't have the time to say thank you and hugging him for making me smile. How I wish life would always be beautiful? But, it's not meant to be.
I hate uncle for making our lives hell at home. Mom and Dad are cross with me for lying about uncle to them. He threatened to kill me the last time if I ever say anything to my parents. I hate him. I want to kill him. I think I will do it one day when I grow up. When I complained to Dad, he pretended to be all nice and told them, she's just an innocent child. What harm will a ten year old do? He pinched my cheek. I hate people like him. There is something not right about him.
Every time, I see him in the house, I am frightened to death and wanted to hide somewhere. His eyes became strange when he started to look for something in the house. He ruffled through Dad's documents.  He was hiding something behind his back when he saw me and shouted at me to go and play outside. Once I saw him sneaking inside the house and closed the door. I tried to peek inside the hole through the door knob and saw that he was searching frantically for something. I couldn't make out what he was doing. Has Dad asked him to look for something? Uncle gave me a nasty look and I am scared that he will murder me. He looked dangerous.
He was Dad's confident and Mom looked up to him as an elder brother, tying raakhi to his hand to protect us. But, I sensed that something was wrong and can't make out why they were not listening to me at all.
I was 16 year old when the body of Mom was found lying on the bed. The doctor was called by Uncle and declared her dead. The hospital said that Mom has either consumed poison or was tricked into drinking something, which means that she was killed. But, police ruled out the possibility and said that she consumed the poison by mistake. I fought with Dad, convincing him that this man is behind all this but he shouted at me, saying that I am doubting an innocent man. I got fed up with the whole thing and after two years, it was the time for me to leave for my studies at St Xavier's.
Five years later, I came home for holidays when I saw that was Dad in tears and hugged me, "Huma! My child! You were right. This man has destroyed our lives and killed your Mom. His eyes has fallen on our property and last night, he fooled me by making me drink the alcohol laced with sedatives. I couldn't understand what he was doing and forced my hand on our property. I was too weak and collapsed."
Our world came crashing down. Dad couldn't take this shock and suffered a massive heart stroke. He was paralysed and six months later, he died. It was at that moment that I have decided to avenge the death of my parents. Nothing was more important to me than the death of that man. It pricks my conscience every time and can hear a tormented voice who keep telling me to finish the man who destroyed our lives.
It's been five years that I have been plotting my revenge, following the man on every street and lanes. I finally found him and was able to hoodwink him to come to the outskirt in Mumbai. Finally, he is my clutches and there is no way that he can escape from me. The day has arrived to torture him and make him burn in hell.
No power in the world shall stop me in taking his life and deliver justice to my parents. It's the last day for him to live on the earth and I don't want anything to come between me and my revenge. It's not now that I will become weak and falter. I have refused to fall in love like a normal girl does.
I will not be able to sleep today. He has to die and I have to ensure that nothing goes wrong. I just hope that Varun doesn't follow me like he usually does and spoils my plans. I have waited for this moment of truth to happen.