Freedom: India at 69

India celebrated its 69th Independence Day on August 15, Saturday. Our freedom is a rich legacy left behind by our fore parents where they fought for our freedom and it's something we need to uphold and constantly strive for. Freedom is something we should never take for granted and always strive to uphold when things goes wrong. It's our identity as Indians. Listen to what our blogger and FB friends have to say.

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Freedom means:

 Garima Shrivastava Nag 

Freedom to me is to be able to think, express, move, work & live freely. Freedom means that my action is not dictated by anyone, person or system. I'm free to make my life choices as long as I don't step on anyone's space. Freedom is to live without fear & bondage. Freedom is much than just being physically. Mental freedom scores much higher. A free mind worth more than just a free body.

Surbhi Thukral:

Freedom is the empowerment to create a society conducive to social welfare. It is the liberty to raise your voice against wrong without fear.

Megha Chauhan:

Freedom to me is about making free and independent choices, about leading a fearless life with complete liberty and about spreading humanism.

Maniparna Sengupta:

I think independence is a state of mind, a way to appreciate the celebration called life. Liberation from all the shackles that produces hatred toward human kind. Independence means to live in one's own terms and letting others to do the same.

Independence Day is also the time for us to seek joy and happiness by showing our Indian-ness being decked in the colors of the tricolor. My friend, Ananya Kiran (ananyatales.com), tells you how to make our Independence Day special and hope the video helps you for the next Republic Day in January and next August 15 when we turn 70.

Happy Independence Day and may we be free from the shackles of society in our thoughts and strive for our freedom.  I am penning a short story, imaginative but very much a reality among so many of us, embedded in our thoughts about India. Hope you like it.


It's a sunny Saturday morning at Red Fort when the Indian tricolor fluttered high in the sky and mammoth crowd proudly sang, Jana Gana Mana, and bowed to Mother India. It was difficult to wriggle one's way out after the Prime Minister's convoy's left the venue.

Two young man finally made the way out, sweating profusely and ordered cutting chai at the tapdi and sharing a cigarette. He seemed very irritated looking at the crowd dispersing while his companion looked with pride at the number of Indians, braving the heat to stand at Red Fort.

"What's there to be proud, watching the national flag unfurl?", Kuch nahin hoga was fuming.

Desh badlega looked at him and couldn't believe what his best friend whom he has known since childhood just blurted out

The pessimist lets out, "I am telling you. Nothing will change in this country. We are proud for a day and then forget about every thing. You name it, you get it, corruption, morons breaking traffic signals, poverty, dirt, homelessness, jumping the queues, no respect for women and elders, rape. The list is endless. Nothing is right in this country and nothing will ever change."

Desh badlega decided to teach his friend a lesson and will not let him win the argument today, not on Independence Day. He didn't flinch, "Obviously, with pessimists like you who keep harping and criticizing the country and will not make the slightest effort to be the change. You never do anything to be the change. It's the sad reality of cynics today."

Kuch Nahin Hoga was taken aback, "What are you talking about? If I start doing all these, what has Modi, Rahul or Kejriwal been elected for?"

Desh Badlega said, "This is the problem. If everyone start thinking like that, nothing will happen. Keep criticizing the effort of people who are trying to make small changes in society despite the fact that things are wrong. Look at yourself: You throw wrappers on the street, you look with disdain at the homeless child yet you will never buy a banana or pack of milk for the innocent life. I've seen you the last time when those bastards were teasing a girl. You laughed and walked as if nothing happened."

Kuch nahin hoga didn't know what to say. "Buddy, chill! There is always a risk of cops getting me into trouble at the police station or those guys taking a revenge against me. What would you do?"

Desh Badlega said, "Well! I called the cops and alerted some people on the streets. The thugs were arrested. I believe that small things that can make a difference. I don't need to be in politics to make small changes happen. I teach homeless children because empowerment and education is the only way for progress and a better India. When someone throws a wrapper on the street, I pick it up and put in the bin. I volunteer with some people to clean not just the backyard but the colony where I stay. I blog against injustice. As a citizen. it's not just my right but duty to free India from such shackles of evil forces.I contribute in signing petitions and share stuffs to create awareness, unlike some cynics who keep criticizing. I value what our ancestors have given to the nation. I value my country."

It was like a blow to Kuch Nahin Hoga who was at a loss of words and blurted, "To each its own." These words dug a nail to the coffin words, "Well! Don't complain then," Desh Badlega said and patted his back, "Let's go now and appreciate our freedom that we enjoying today."

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