Monsoon Affair (16)

Monsoon Affair (16): Last and Final, a Monsoon Love Story

She slowly opened her eyes and furtively glanced across the room's corners. The blurred vision soon turns into reality, seeing smiling faces Niharika, Aniket and Varun. She became anxious, wondered that it would be a matter of time that she would be handcuffed for murder but relieved that her parents souls' will be liberated. She took her vengeance and would happily go to the gallows.
 Aniket sensed that she was anxious and said, "Don't worry Huma. No one got wind of your target who was charred to death. It's not a hospital bed but the army camp. But, for the time being, the three of you, Varun and Niharika must go underground to ensure that your steps are not trailed. You are going to settle in a faraway place in Goa. The ticket arrangement has been made and a nice bungalow, jobs has been arranged to live comfortably. But, make sure that you tread in a discreet manner."
Niharika slowly stepped towards the bed, caressed Huma's hand and kissed her on the forehead, careful not to touch her bandaged forehead. Aniket and Niharika slowly slipped out of the room to give space to Varun and Huma. After all, it's a reunion of love and a new beginning is awaiting them in the Monsoon.
Varun sat on the bed, gently stroking and caressing Huma's hand. He asked, "How are you feeling?"
She smiled like a crazy girl, giggling like the days of innocence and a girl in love for the first time. "I feel that I am falling in love like crazy with you. I was always in love but denied your presence. You better don't ditch me or I will plot your death."
He perched his head down and smiled, "You are a dangerous lover. Forget about revenge now. I wanna make love to you. I can't believe that it's been a year we've met and the monsoon is yet to strike this year. Our Monsoon Affair."
Huma corrected him, "It's Monsoon Love not Affair. It was an affair, one night stand and it turned into love..."
"Eternal Monsoon Love....I wanna tell the tale of immortal love to our grand-children one day. Time to make love and honeymooning in Goa. I can't wait for sex for I know we are are deprived," he added.
Huma smiled seductively with a sheepish glance, averted his gaze.
The plan flew to Goa. Huma, Varun and Niharika sat on different seats and knew that they would be separated from Niharika who would be staying at a different place with different names to avoid raising suspicion.
Varun and Huma checked in the bungalow at South Goa, not far off from Palolem Beach. They lay on the bed in the dim-lit room, adorned by white curtains knotted together as thin air wafted through the closed window. Huma gave a seductive glance as she put her head on Varun's shoulders. She asked, "What happened? You were so excited a day earlier that I thought you already had an orgasm. Feeling shy? She pinched his nose.
Varun held Huma tightly in his arms, caressed her face and stroked her lip with his tongue, kissing passionately, wrapping the blanker around their naked bodies.
Three years later, the newly married couple reached Mumbai in the Jet Airways flight and they were stranded like during the old days. They made a new beginning with a new name and another identity to carve new dreams cum aspirations in Maximum City. It's the new beginning and new season of love, Monsoon Love Story. A new life is under way to open its eyes to their world.

The end.
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