Monsoon Affair (15)

Monsoon Affair (15):

"Huma is in deep shit. We must save her from murdering Shankar. Revenge is raging high in her mind and she is obsessed with baying with the blood of the man who destroyed her family," Niharika almost shouted.
Varun couldn't believe his eyes after reading the letter, repeating the fuck word thrice. Niharika pleaded with him, "Now, get out of this mode, will you? Say something, do something."
"I am calling the police," he flipped the phone out of his pocket.
Niharika snatched the phone from his hand, "Man! Are you crazy? She will get arrested. You will destroy her life. Let's save Shankar's life first. What are you thinking? But, how......"
"How?", Varun repeated.
He lit a cigarette and took a drag, inhaled deeply. "We need to track her," he said.
"Wait," Niharika jumped on her feet. She took Varun phone and called someone, "Yeah! Where are you? Just come to the flat, I told you."
Minutes later, there is a knock on the door and a tall and well-built fellow opened the door. walked towards Niharika and hugged her tightly. She said, "Meet Varun, this is Aniket. He is from the army.
Aniket took a tour of the flat and fixed some wires to the landline and switched on the grey laptop. He asked in a grave tone, "Niharika, what's her mobile number." He entered a code and said, "She is travelling in the local and is past Panvel. Let's rush in my jeep, guys."
The jeep zoomed in the traffic and the red bulb is activated, siren blowing to signal vehicles to make way for the army guys. They reached Panvel in less than 30 minutes. Niharika asked, "Where are we going?"
"Obviously, we are following your friend, Huma. She has just got down from the train at Borivali and is boarding a cab, swerving towards the outskirt. I think they are veering to a nearby and obscure village."
Aniket called from the telecom in the jeep. "Hello! New Operation! Trail blazer!! 1,2,3, activate GPS."
Voices in unison dutifully replies in Haryanvi accent, "New Operation! Trail blazer. GPS activated."
"Good! Trail blazer! Cordon the area. Follow Chameli and do a chamak challo in Navi Mumbai."
"Chamak Challo, Chameli dressed in jeans, leather jacket and boots, all black. She is on a mission. Over and Out, 1,2,3."
Aniket ordered, "Good job, guys. No firing. Behave like villagers and loafers. 1,2,3. Over and Out."
The jeep slowed down in a dusty area, surrounded by a dirty lake where there is no sign of life and wearing a completely deserted, faraway from the slightest activity. Aniket ordered, "Boys! Take position."
He urged Niharika and Varun to follow him, creeping on the muddy terrain. They could see the soldiers, dressed as ordinary citizens in torn jeans approaching the wooden door of the small, dingy room in decrepit state. The soldiers barged inside with guns and rifles, Aniket ran towards the room in shamble, followed by Niharika and Varun. The boys in arms, carried a lamp in their hand that was cupped to the face of Huma, suddenly lightened in the dark. She was taken aback and fired a shot which was averted by the saviors of Shankar. Huma was flabbergasted to see Varun, Niharika and the unknown men.
She threatened with a gun, "Don't dare approach me. I will kill him today. He has to die for destroying my life, No, you cannot deny me the pleasure of seeing him dying," she yelled.
Huma's voice cracked. The area where Shankar was tied on a wooden chair and petrol was thrown around, forming a circle. It took them a while to realize that Huma planned to burn Shankar alive and was deprived of her desire to kill him in a matter of seconds. The perfect timing.
Aniket tried to distract her, "Huma, don't take law in your hands. The court will deal with his crime."
"No," she shouted. "I waited for this time to savor my vengeance."
Varun inched slowly towards her, "Huma! My love. You are the only one that matters to me. It's a beautiful world. Don't soil your hand."
"Varun," Huma says. "I am warning you. Don't move."
She incidentally slipped on her sneakers and the gun was pushed away from her hand by the army man and incidentally landed straight on Shankar. Aniket and his guys mightily pushed all of them past the door and they flew in the air to land on the muddy terrain.
A loud explosion was heard and bang, it felt like gun shots in a war torn area. Fire ravaged the dingy room which took no time to turn into ashes. Shankar met his end and his body was charred to death. It suddenly started raining furiously and they walked with utmost difficulty towards the jeep. The team went into separate directions. Huma, Niharika and Varun would never see those men but, perhaps, will hear of them defending the country from invasion across the border.

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