Seduced in the cloud

I was struck by your charm and elegance.
An endearing face, peachy eyes and a killer smile.
Seduced at the airport, it could have been a love story.
A stranger that rekindle feeling in the heart.
I overdid it, insisting to lift your luggage.
The smile and shyness still ring fresh in my mind.
A crush you were, one of the first among the cloud and sky.
Snippet of conversation we had,
Sharing how you in awe of Marine Drive,
After all, you are a Mumbaikar.
The first Mumbai girl whose charm I fell for.
It's been a decade long,
Your face suddenly cropped in my mind, stranger love.
We could have been lovers,
Yet a face that crossed my path in life's journey.
We were young...still are.
Stay blessed and make the world beautiful.
You must be conquering your dreams and fighting battles.


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