Love deserves a second chance

It's been a year since Kavya ran away from her home and lived in  constant fear that they will chase her down the fast lanes, between crazy traffic, speedy vehicles and train in this big city. She has been hiding her face under the veil during her daily journey in the local train on her way to work at the BPO. She was able to make ends meet with the 20k that she earns at loose end.
The fateful day on her way to freedom still runs deep in her breath and whenever she thinks about her great escape from the clutches of her ruthless in-laws from US, her heart beats furiously. Her parents convinced her that Ajay is a good match, settled as a software engineer in US and that she will make her life. Her in-laws demanded a huge dowry and the moment, she stepped foot in her new home, the land made of dreams, she was subjected to harassment and forcing her to go without food till her husband don't reach home. At times, Kavya would go without food till the wee hours in the morning. She was drained and lost the energy to protest against the inhumane treatment and the Karwa Chauth where she was made to fast. Once, her mother-in-law slapped her for taking a shower before her husband and the latter never protested against his mother. 
Then, one day, it was too much and she sneaked out of the apartment with her passport and hundreds dollars, helped by the immigration officer to a new city in India. She lived in constant fear, surviving on tea and going to bed on an empty stomach. Turned down by her parents because good girls don't run away like that and the bullshit about the family honor, she lost faith in humanity. Kavya went around a couple of times with business men, rich college students and CEOs as a call girl and was arrested. The sympathetic lady inspector understood her plight after chiding her and got her a a flat, sponsored by the Indian Government and a job at the call center. Her faith in humanity has not been restored yet.
Till one day, Kavya met Vicky Malhotra, a simple guy who was struck by her beauty at the railway station. He waited for her and pursued her like crazy, between making her feel special only to be rejected. He didn't accept defeat since he was enamored by Kavya's beauty, simplicity and fell in love with her. He was unaware that circumstances has turned Kavya into a stone-hearted person and that love has no place in her life. Her eyes told Vicky lots of things and could sense how much pain is being hidden beneath her eyes. He decided to give his Kavya happiness.
One day, she got fed up of him when he convinced her to come along with him at the restaurant. Vicky confessed his love to her, "Kavya, I am in love with you. Your eyes never lies and tells me how life has given you pain and sadness. Everyone deserves a second chance and one shouldn't say no to love. I've dated and slept with several women but they never loved me. I can see the sincerity in you."
Kavya felt uneasy, "You know Vicky, what do you know about me? Before we start being friends, there are certain things that you need to know about me. I was a battered woman and run away from my in-laws. I live in constant fear that they may find me. The cops have arrested me for doubling as a call girl since I needed to feed my stomach."
She thought that the reality would make Vicky run away but to her surprise, the latter said, "Kavya, my love, no one is a saint in this world and those who pretend are the biggest hypocrites. I am an orphan, abandoned by my parents but made things on my own. I was in love with you but now I respect you. It demands lots of gut to tell the truth." He kissed the palm of her hand. "Friends?" he asked. Kavya smiled and hugged him.

Two Years Later
Kavya was dressed in the orange peach sari and dazzled as Vicky was gushing and couldn't keep his eyes and hands off. He ran his finger on her back. Kavya gently slapped him, "Mister! Keep your hands off me."
It wouldn't stop Vicky who caressed her face with his hand, curled his lip on her and she held tight to him in the drawing room. He kissed her passionately and she ran her hand on his chest, biting his ear. "Happy! Enough for now. We will run late," she seductively tells him. "Let's keep it for dinner," she cajoled him.
They drove to the marriage court and in no less than one hour, Kavya and Vicky were legally wedded to each other. During the evening, a room was booked at the Oberoi. Kavya and Vicky made passionate love to each other, chartering zones no one would have imagined. He undressed her, touching her back, kissing her and cupping her breast as she bends and pressed his stomach, before getting into each other.
Kavya and Vicky's soul were united beyond the physical love. Who says that only movies and books have happy ending? They drank their wine to glory, being a constant support to each other and united to each other.

20 years later:
Today, Kavya and Vicky's daughter Shonali is getting engaged to her best friend, Rahul. Kavya is dressed in a green shiffon sari and as she steps out of the BMW at the venue, Vicky holds her hand. "What?", the 50 year-old charming mother exclaims.
Vicky smiles and looks dashing in his grey suit, "You look as beautiful as you were the first time we met and see what's there on your left cheek." She turned to see her face on the car's rear window and asks, "What's there?"
He blushed like a child, "You are beautiful." Kavya gave an infectious smile and helds her husband's hand, "Let's walk in, Baba. Your daughter is getting married and you behaving like a child, infatuated with love."
Kavya and Vicky walk in together, hand-in-hand as the guests look at them in awe, wondering how they've kept love alive for so many years. Shonali couldn't stop admiring her parents and run to hug them in a tight embrace.

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