A morning prayer

Morning dew ushering fragrance on the spotless leaves,
flowers in the bud dance to the tune of a flawless day.
Sun rise soothes the atmosphere,
life has not yet started.
It suddenly feels so beautiful as nature and human becomes one.
Surrounded by the lush greenery and mountain from afar,
one can only imagine the peaceful thrust of life offered that didn't deteriorate in the name of development.
If pollution would have been an imagination,
we would never longed for spotless nature, surrounded our lives.
An utopian dream, may be,
as we crave for everything clean and beautiful,
filled with natural beauty.
Have we become so selfish?
We sink into the hum-drum of city of life,
traffic escalating.
Yet! We call it progress.
No progress can happen without a man eating to full stomach,
nature rising above materialism.
A dream that never meant to be.

With Love
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