B(r)oom Baby wiping dust

A b(r)oom baby, I must have been in my past life, I tell you. Arre Baba! I just want to sweep those ridiculous jerks blessed with a foot-in-the-mouth who keeps on blabbering and harping utter nonsense. Look at our Cultural Minister, Mahesh Sharma going on an endless refrain, 'Bible and Quran not central to the soul of India' and women should not go out in the evening.
An irony flowing in my life. I just hate the broom to wipe off the dust in corners of the house. Gawd! How I hate using the broom when Mom was asking me to do some clean up! I whined and prayed how I can run away from home in protest and do dharna against the atrocity on a helpless child. Now, do I have a choice! It's better to take a dip in the Ganges. I am doing the same on this blog in my desperate attempt to clean up the dust accumulated by Sharma-Ji. By the way, what PM Modi doing apart from promoting Indian tourism all over the world? Swach Bharat Yojna! 
I am thinking how about doing some moral policing in this post against the likes of Sharma-ji who loves sharing cup of tea and coffee with guests, a lil birdie tells me. This man loves showering Namaste to everyone who meets him in the lobby. Mann ki Baat, Sharma-ji kya baat. How about doing Kapaal Bharti to cleanse the mind and the thought-process? What's wrong with our Sharma-ji? He must be secretly thinking to compete with the likes of RSS, Taliban and what's not. Suddenly, Sharma-ji is in the news and must be secretly loving it in this new syndrome of attention deficiency.
Hey! It's simple, no. He could have clicked selfies in different avatars and upload on his Facebook. Sounds better, na to get some mileage and celebrity moments. Jab tak Sharma-ji rahega rajneeti tab tak entertainment hoga national TV pe. Who needs Arnab when we have the State Minister of Culture, doing a failed lungi act?
His name is Mahesh Sharma, Sharma-ji ki kahani. What a delight and entertainment he is? TV channels, newspapers and of course, Mrs Funny Bones feasting like vultures on this not-so-intelligent statements. Yes! We are jerks. I am a jerk for without Sharma-ji, this post would be sleeping somewhere, in some corner of the mind. How I love this Minister! I am a huge fan from today for being such an inspiration to the youth and the nation. He just inspired to utaro his aarti. I am just loving the man like the Mc Donald that I munch for tickling my funny bones and the joker that I am in an attempt to make people laugh, scare the shit out of haters and those insensible souls to whom this post won't make an iota of difference.
See! I am a nice boy. I am praising our minister and not once I used invective and the F-bomb I normally do in my post. I tell you, Sharma-ji is an inspiration. You still don't trust me!

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