Age ole' VCR, Video cassettes we 90s kids treasured

An epoch or a lost era that cannot be emulated or recreated, unlike our movies showcased on the silver screen, but memories captured at the back of our minds. I take pride in being a 90s kid who grew up, whining my time, cuddling with the timeless love of VCR and Cassettes.

  Downloading songs, CDs, You Tube and films on mobile phone. You gotta be kidding! What's that? For sure, rocket science that was alien to my generation growing up in the dear old 90s. I remember Bombay Vikings, Woh Woh Chali dekho pyar ki Gaali playing on radio or the amazingly perfect songs of Ashiqui, Saajan, Khuda Gawah or Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin. Our neighbor owned the luxurious but shining black VCR and they would borrow cassettes for 25 bucks at the video library, was called video club at that time.     The nice neighbors would call the 'poor child' me who couldn't afford the VCR as his nieces would watch a nice Amitabh Bachchan super duper hit Hum, yeah I remember and the shining stars Shah Rukh-Salman-Salman or Ajay Devgn standing tall on two bikes in Phool aur Kaante..kya entry hai boss! I remember watching Maine Pyar Kiya, Raaju Ban Gaya Gentleman, Love and Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin. Our neighbor's house was converted into a home cinema, watched by five to six person as his old mother, we called Nani would prepare tea for us. Man! I was hooked! What a treasure trove they have, I was jealous and totally in awe.
   Sometimes, the desire to watch a movie and asked for permission was received in a nod and after all, who turns down or break the heart of a cute kid? You thought the hardest nut has been cracked. Time to plead with Dad to give me a special treat between 10 to 25 bucks to rent a VCR that everyone could watch together. Sometimes, getting the money and feeling rich may took months owing from Mom and Dad promise, do your homework and bring good notes in the school test. The trip to Nani's place where I stormed inside the TV room to check if there is a VCR and bang as I jumped in joy, almost stomping on someone's feet. See! I was a naughty child and pretended that I am not hungry or faking an angry mood to get someone to treat me with a video cassette of my choice. I remember being in love and drooling over my favorite hero's mass act in Shahenshah, Rishtey mein Hum Tumhare Baap lagte Hai, Naam Hai Shahenshah.
    Growing sullen during the whole day, refusing to eat anything or drink tea and crawling on the floor to being whacked and slapped for being such a naughty kid. It was worth the effort as I was sitting on the bed and watching Amitabh Bachchan performance in Shahenshah..baacha gaye bachpan bachpan Bachchan Bachchan Bachchan..should have come earlier to celebrate the Bachchan mania, the God of Cinema. My world would start and stop at the mention of the name, Amitabh Bachchan.
    The cassettes was yet another story which I grow a fetish for them, my life long friend who would entertain me as soon as I get home from school. The small shop selling cassettes between 35 to 50 bucks where the daily pocket money was not spent buying ice creams, chocolates or sweets but nicely slunk somewhere inside the room. I quenched my thirst with water at school, eagerly waiting for the bell to ring, dashing to the shop buying cassettes. I had such a huge collection of cassettes and someone bring a new addition was like cherry on the cake. The last time I bought few cassettes was way back in 2004, the time I had a walk man for company, a luxury item on the table.
   It's different ball game altogether when the money was spent buying glossy magazine to the likes of Filmfare, Stardust, Movie and Screen to read the latest juicy gossips are made of bout' favorite heroes and heroines, with complimentary, posters, some I have still conserved. It calls for another post. Move over free wallpapers on the net.
   Somebody please give me back my VCR and cassettes I spent a fortune to build the treasure trove made with so much love and flurry of passion. I wanna the decade back where holding a tiny cassette in the palm of the hand was no mean feat but sheer delight. It's like possessing gold biscuits.
   What's your VCR and cassettes story? I wanna hear from you if you are a 90s kid. Nothing beat the sheer excitement rushing down the spine.

Lovingly yours


Birthday wishes, Aha moment and the cake

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The boy's eyes beamed like a school kid on Tuesday, feeling like a prince in a  pod, born on June 24. After all, he is special as he celebrated his birthday. He stopped growing when he turned 18 and so turning one year older is not gonna make any difference to his mental age.
It was my birthday and I am still recovering from the lover shown on me, receiving wishes on Facebook, Gchat, Linkedin, blog, phone calls. I feel truly blessed. What I was gonna do struck me and was surprised by my own acts on the birthday. I've been someone who never believed in celebrating birthdays and can't remember the time when I last cut the cake...I think it was way back in 2005 when flatmates gave me a small surprised. Coaxed by Meghna and Koks, I bought a small cake and a candle at the supermarket for the sake of fun. Post the mutton dinner with mom, I get set to cut the cake. Only hitch, I misplace the candle to blow. I was dying to click a selfie with Mom but, since I am so lame at clicking the pose, I abandoned after several unsuccessful attempts. The candle blew by itself the time attempts to click selfies were thwarted. The lick in the candle, somehow, torn part. Finally, I get to cut the cake and man, I was smiling like a school kid.
The wine bottle sent across by the cousin-brother was uncorked as I tasted the creamy cake I got for myself. A tale of treating the self with dollops of happiness and fun to make the day memorable. A moment in life I cherished as I turned one year older.
An aha moment on the birthday coupled with amazingly awesome things seeming to unfurl itself towards the end of the day. As I was telling mom, I have a gut instinct that great things gonna come my way coz I can feel the breeze, acting as the harbinger of extraordinary things. I got a call in the evening and if things work out, I may join the office where I resigned, a year ago. There has been a change in ownership and it seems that the new guy is a very nice one. Finally, I can exude relief after being at home for good six months minus salary.
It couldn't have come at a better day with such wonderful wishes coming my way from superbly amazing people. Dad's birthday came today and I spare a thought to the man. He would have been 72 today. Happy wala budday, Dad.
Let's count our blessings coz one can never know when opportunity and  luck knocks on the door.
With Lotsa love


O' Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Sushma everybody's favorite making a killing a la Kebab, shoes Modi-fication

Read at your own helluva risk! Now, you kissed the Queen of English, slightly peckishly peeved at the emotions flying in the thick air from our India to Buckingham Palace. Is it NaMo?! No! Not again! Our dear and fading Queen of England is gradually waning away to unwanted glory and, after all, we have no right to fucking piss the old guard after her vintage team, England, made a grand exit a la Samba in Brazil. No! Samba for the Rooney and Gerard Boys of the world. We gonna have a grand Indian affair a la Lok Sabha.
Lok Sabha! I must be kidding and gone nuts coz it's all dumped in history now.
If there is one thing that can bestir us to the extent of feeling an orgasmic pleasure, it's election, cricket, football yeah World Cup fever and, of course, NaMo NaMo. Remember we are the Mango peeps sucking the Mangola in the the heat a la Alphonso. Sexual beings, of course we are! Last heard, our traders were feeling hawkish at the prospect of banking on fans professing their love for NaMo to rake in the moolah. Bechara Junta, we thought that the prospect of seeing Katrina sucking the Aam was one thing that quenches the thirst. For once, Katrina has been confined to the background as poster boy Modi is on a killing spree for traders.
Aha! You name it, you get it! The Big Parliament Bazaar is back with a bang with numbers tossing their way like flying saucepans from one side of the house to the other, making for a staggering figure like elephants crushing the tiny, fading opposition sitting like good kids a la ants. Outside the house, women shopping for shoes are having a blast buying in all colors for a steal in the Delhi shops. Blame it on discounts scouting for customers who wanna celebrate NaMo NaMo. Our dear PM is bemused how they are making a killing on his back in the market, selling his poster image like hot Vada Pavs, Modi tee-shirts, mugs or Kohlapuri chappals to the great joy of shop-alcoholics. Only if tomatoes were cheap to run the household renaming it, 'NaMo special', we would eat to the delight of hungry stomachs. 
See that's the way to beat up the economic spirit which was dampened, from roaring to crouching. The secret to boost up double-digit growth and Namo must be secretly wishing that tube light moment was struck to cash in by marketing his merchandisers. He defeated Old Congress but couldn't with the wise crack called traders and food sellers. One man'e meat is another one's poison. Bitter pill to swallow, indeed!
Now, wait! How much will Rahul Baba be available on the market? Speak about the Economics of Politics, I know it's a quixotic of sort and not a tale of diamond dearer over water. Only if Rahul Baba was water grabbed for free, half of India would quench their thirst. Or, Chota Bheem will be watched for free on Dish TV as they decide to make apna Rahul Baba, its brand ambassador. What, no taker for this one?! I am flabbergasted coz the defanged face of Congress is bobbing his way to heaven with no one willing to sell him as their merchandiser. After all, it's all about the money!

On the menu card, a lil' birdie told me that people are swarming their way to their favorite Pubs and resto to devour Namo Fry veg dish and special Kababs to get high on politics. Beer and spirits a la Modi is making alcohol lovers steam their way to merry. Last heard, Rahul Dal Fry and Kejri da Dabba is whittling away and out of order in the plush restos and modest eat outs, alike. Blame it on Dharna menus whipped a la last minute that turned out to be a messy dish in the deck and Rahul ice-cream melting like the Dilli Di Sardi.
Now, who can beat the business ingenuity of our traders and restaurateurs making a killing on the market? Food culture in India has broken a new record with the Modi-fication of dishes in the name of innovation. Move over the Nirma Soap and the likes of Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Sushma...sabki pasand Nirma!!!! Time to boost Nirma sales, Sab ki Pasand Modi washing powder Nirma. See, Basanti and Jaya not the devil wearing the Prada..oye Lalita are leading the pack like wolves in politics. Modi-fication didn't spare foodies, traders sprucing up their act all over the scale on the busy street. By the way, where is Shot Gun nowadays?! Khamosh!


Happy Father's Day: Remembering Dad

Father's Day celebration on Sunday, June 15 was all over the place. A small tribute to Dad who passed away on June 19, 2007, days before his birthday on June 28 and he would have been 74 this year. My Dad have been through a lot of tribulations in his life and he was only two when my grand ma, his mom died. His father married again and his half-blood mother made his life hell, depriving him of a good education and food. He had a difficult childhood, suffering from injustice but, despite everything, he was adamant that he would not let his only son to go through hell. Dad was very close to me and did everything to ensure that I am not deprived of a good education and good things in life.
During my childhood, we stayed in two rooms, including one which turned into kitchen, studying and playing cum doing the running about. My Dad was the sole breading earning family member who earned a very modest salary in those days and despite that we lived a humbled existence, he made sure that I was not deprived of the small joys of life such as regular treat to watch a Hindi movie in the theater,toys and expensive biscuits, chocolates despite he walked a tight rope money wise.
I am often amazed how Dad, despite living on humble income, managed to build the duplex house, something I wouldn't manage to do on my own cum educating me. Dad was a good human being and was emotionally attached to me, his only support, who means the world to him. We were very close and often acting in connivance with each other, not to keep mom in the loop to meet my demand coz we both knew that mom is a strict disciplinarian. I was the pampered the child and for me, he did anything and ready to take on the world.
Like in every father-son relationship, we had tussles at times which is quite normal, considering that I've been a rebel who was growing up to carve its own identity in this hugely competitive world. I know that I may have said things that I shouldn't which hurt him. But, it was done in anger and deep down, I know how much I love him and that I wouldn't achieve whatever little I did, without his constant encouragement and unflinching support. Dad was a good human being who believes in a kind world, despite the fact that he was cheated of his property by his own kin. That didn't deter him from doing good actions and be selfless. I have seen him going out of his way to help strangers and he has always been a very emotional person, something I inherited from him.
It was in Mumbai when I received a call that Dad was in coma and had to be home by his side. It was quite a story and when I came back, I was able to meet him. , he held my hand. During his last moments at home, he forcefully grabbed my hand, tears rolling before closing his eyes to me, mom and the world. 
Happy Father's Day, Dad and hope you are happy wherever you are. I am sure you looking at me from heaven and casting a protective hand like you have always done.



Myriad thought, lifeless destination and stormy weather

Kisses blown in the air as the tapestry of thoughts weave a song for togetherness, comfort and love;
Craving for the couch in the towering building sea facing to call the shots and the chauffeur-driven Bentley,
the windy breeze brings me down on earth;
Shattering the myth of day dreaming, I spangle at the glass buildings sparkling the city as I am swayed to the thick smokescreen of dust pumped by heavy vehicles;
Tiny drops of rain descend from the clouded sky, blurring my vision and images as I strive to cross the road in the maddening traffic;
Besotted by the charm of the heroine oozing sensuality on the billboards seems real and want to burst out on the road to hold my hand to heaven;
Guilty pleasures consumed at the back of the mind as the paani-puri seller whoosh past me as I crave for the delicious snack;
Yet, I am penniless as the chintzy jeans is felt by my skin as I try to find my steps in the city;
I am rendered lifeless as I am carried to a nameless destination, as I hear whispers and moans of lovers while passing the thatched hut on the huge construction site;
0! City dwellers have mercy on me! 
Embrace me in your arms as I stand on the parapet, surrounded by rocks and stormy water to feel the love and comfort.

With Love


Let's Talk Bout' Sex, Baby

Sex, the dreaded word that hides beneath the white sheet. Let's not talk bout it and bury our heads in the dark. Just do it! Right? Sex is sin and polluting our rich culture. But, for how long we will stifle human desires and longing for sex? As a nation, we suffer from numerous complexes and sex is one of it coz its morally wrong. Isn't it ironical that we belong to the land of Kamasutra, yet, shy away from speaking about sex openly?
We are no maven in doing it the right way and, after all, we are no sex connoisseurs in this world. Aren't we the same people who will hide behind the computer to watch porn or erotica DvDs that we nicely hide under the mattress? When I saw the Ranveer Singh Durex condom ad, I felt a tinge of relief that, at least, the flood gate has been opened to speak about sex. We have been repressed for long and the matter of desire have been hidden for too long, blaming it on norms laid out to be respected as a society. It hurts even more when a woman comes in the open to discuss bout' sex and desires. Hell! She is not allowed to speak about the sex in the open. Who has given her the right to upset the balance of male dominance in a society that reeks of human oppression? Of course, we will cast aspersion on her character? After all, who gave her the right to speak about sex, orgasm are controlled by men and where the latter being on top seems to be the norm of the day?

Let's f*** and not talk about it. The organs of pleasure is a calamity if talked about and yet it's one of our favorite pet peeves and bashing under the name of morality. Expression in erotic literature and films must be banned coz we are offended yet we raise a hue-and-cry when rape happens. It suits us not to open up to our sons and daughters on the emotion called S-E-X and our text books is truly religious coz there is no mention of sex. Why should we open up to reality and let's pent up the pressure inside our bodies.
We shall not explore our bodies as human beings to speak about the A to Z of sexuality since it will provoke chasm of emotions hinging on immorality. Well! The tragedy is that we have lived with such an attitude since times immemorial where our bodies are un-chartered zone that we shall not explore. For how long, we will remain hypocrite and stay alien to our sexuality as human beings?
I don't think it benefits us as human beings not to speak about sex which fetters our growth. I feel that one of the reasons many males commit rape, which is an atrocious attack on the soul of a woman, is our lack of education on sex. Let's face it, we are sex-illiterate. Or the other way, bluntly speaking, many men use sex to show their power of superiority on women and to dominate them sexually, be it rape, assault or demanding favors in exchange for a promotion. This is the myopic view we have as human beings and it's sad.
It's a tragedy that we are so reluctant to open up about sexuality and freak out at its mere mention. Is sex such a bad thing and it should be used just for the sake of procreation?
 I am sorry, sex is not solely a matter of procreation, but it juts over pleasure enjoyed in equal measure by both partners. I feel that the Ranveer Singh condom ad, Durex couldn't have come at a better time so that we get to know ourselves better as sexual beings. We are ready to fall in love, nurture sexual fantasies but why are we so hideous when it comes to speak about sex in the open?
Mind you, people in small cities have lotsa sexual fantasies, have abundant amount of sex before reaching 18 and will fantasize about Deepika Padukone, Sherlyn Chopra, Sunny Leone, Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, to do the obvious. Every year, India Today comes up with its sex survey and if we go by it, it's an outstanding result that makes us reflect on what we think under the white sheet. 
Let's talk about SEX baby for we are no chimers when it comes to doing it. Rather than acting as perverts, we should come out of the closet and speak unabashedly about having sex, the importance it holds in our lives as equal human beings in society. Not talking about sex is not going to help our cause but will push us to explore it in the most negative manner by being at risk and blackmailed by peddlers and pedophiles. We owe it to the new generation that we don't stifle and repress their deeds, thoughts and actions.
One can only hope that we will stop trumping the religious or political card in the name of morality and many more such ads, films should be made, healthy-cum-serious debates encouraged to educate us on our sexuality. It doesn't help anyone to hide their face or put the light off before shedding or clothes and rather shed our inhibitions as human beings. Sex is all about social equality that permeates a society and culture.
Let's face it. A society discarding its citizens as second class is not worth called as such. As a friend made a hearty jape, sex is all about doing it with anyone you want at any place of your choice. Couldn't be better than that? Totally crude and free from the shackle of hypocrisy.