Age ole' VCR, Video cassettes we 90s kids treasured

An epoch or a lost era that cannot be emulated or recreated, unlike our movies showcased on the silver screen, but memories captured at the back of our minds. I take pride in being a 90s kid who grew up, whining my time, cuddling with the timeless love of VCR and Cassettes.

  Downloading songs, CDs, You Tube and films on mobile phone. You gotta be kidding! What's that? For sure, rocket science that was alien to my generation growing up in the dear old 90s. I remember Bombay Vikings, Woh Woh Chali dekho pyar ki Gaali playing on radio or the amazingly perfect songs of Ashiqui, Saajan, Khuda Gawah or Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin. Our neighbor owned the luxurious but shining black VCR and they would borrow cassettes for 25 bucks at the video library, was called video club at that time.     The nice neighbors would call the 'poor child' me who couldn't afford the VCR as his nieces would watch a nice Amitabh Bachchan super duper hit Hum, yeah I remember and the shining stars Shah Rukh-Salman-Salman or Ajay Devgn standing tall on two bikes in Phool aur Kaante..kya entry hai boss! I remember watching Maine Pyar Kiya, Raaju Ban Gaya Gentleman, Love and Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin. Our neighbor's house was converted into a home cinema, watched by five to six person as his old mother, we called Nani would prepare tea for us. Man! I was hooked! What a treasure trove they have, I was jealous and totally in awe.
   Sometimes, the desire to watch a movie and asked for permission was received in a nod and after all, who turns down or break the heart of a cute kid? You thought the hardest nut has been cracked. Time to plead with Dad to give me a special treat between 10 to 25 bucks to rent a VCR that everyone could watch together. Sometimes, getting the money and feeling rich may took months owing from Mom and Dad promise, do your homework and bring good notes in the school test. The trip to Nani's place where I stormed inside the TV room to check if there is a VCR and bang as I jumped in joy, almost stomping on someone's feet. See! I was a naughty child and pretended that I am not hungry or faking an angry mood to get someone to treat me with a video cassette of my choice. I remember being in love and drooling over my favorite hero's mass act in Shahenshah, Rishtey mein Hum Tumhare Baap lagte Hai, Naam Hai Shahenshah.
    Growing sullen during the whole day, refusing to eat anything or drink tea and crawling on the floor to being whacked and slapped for being such a naughty kid. It was worth the effort as I was sitting on the bed and watching Amitabh Bachchan performance in Shahenshah..baacha gaye bachpan bachpan Bachchan Bachchan Bachchan..should have come earlier to celebrate the Bachchan mania, the God of Cinema. My world would start and stop at the mention of the name, Amitabh Bachchan.
    The cassettes was yet another story which I grow a fetish for them, my life long friend who would entertain me as soon as I get home from school. The small shop selling cassettes between 35 to 50 bucks where the daily pocket money was not spent buying ice creams, chocolates or sweets but nicely slunk somewhere inside the room. I quenched my thirst with water at school, eagerly waiting for the bell to ring, dashing to the shop buying cassettes. I had such a huge collection of cassettes and someone bring a new addition was like cherry on the cake. The last time I bought few cassettes was way back in 2004, the time I had a walk man for company, a luxury item on the table.
   It's different ball game altogether when the money was spent buying glossy magazine to the likes of Filmfare, Stardust, Movie and Screen to read the latest juicy gossips are made of bout' favorite heroes and heroines, with complimentary, posters, some I have still conserved. It calls for another post. Move over free wallpapers on the net.
   Somebody please give me back my VCR and cassettes I spent a fortune to build the treasure trove made with so much love and flurry of passion. I wanna the decade back where holding a tiny cassette in the palm of the hand was no mean feat but sheer delight. It's like possessing gold biscuits.
   What's your VCR and cassettes story? I wanna hear from you if you are a 90s kid. Nothing beat the sheer excitement rushing down the spine.

Lovingly yours

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