Happy Father's Day: Remembering Dad

Father's Day celebration on Sunday, June 15 was all over the place. A small tribute to Dad who passed away on June 19, 2007, days before his birthday on June 28 and he would have been 74 this year. My Dad have been through a lot of tribulations in his life and he was only two when my grand ma, his mom died. His father married again and his half-blood mother made his life hell, depriving him of a good education and food. He had a difficult childhood, suffering from injustice but, despite everything, he was adamant that he would not let his only son to go through hell. Dad was very close to me and did everything to ensure that I am not deprived of a good education and good things in life.
During my childhood, we stayed in two rooms, including one which turned into kitchen, studying and playing cum doing the running about. My Dad was the sole breading earning family member who earned a very modest salary in those days and despite that we lived a humbled existence, he made sure that I was not deprived of the small joys of life such as regular treat to watch a Hindi movie in the theater,toys and expensive biscuits, chocolates despite he walked a tight rope money wise.
I am often amazed how Dad, despite living on humble income, managed to build the duplex house, something I wouldn't manage to do on my own cum educating me. Dad was a good human being and was emotionally attached to me, his only support, who means the world to him. We were very close and often acting in connivance with each other, not to keep mom in the loop to meet my demand coz we both knew that mom is a strict disciplinarian. I was the pampered the child and for me, he did anything and ready to take on the world.
Like in every father-son relationship, we had tussles at times which is quite normal, considering that I've been a rebel who was growing up to carve its own identity in this hugely competitive world. I know that I may have said things that I shouldn't which hurt him. But, it was done in anger and deep down, I know how much I love him and that I wouldn't achieve whatever little I did, without his constant encouragement and unflinching support. Dad was a good human being who believes in a kind world, despite the fact that he was cheated of his property by his own kin. That didn't deter him from doing good actions and be selfless. I have seen him going out of his way to help strangers and he has always been a very emotional person, something I inherited from him.
It was in Mumbai when I received a call that Dad was in coma and had to be home by his side. It was quite a story and when I came back, I was able to meet him. , he held my hand. During his last moments at home, he forcefully grabbed my hand, tears rolling before closing his eyes to me, mom and the world. 
Happy Father's Day, Dad and hope you are happy wherever you are. I am sure you looking at me from heaven and casting a protective hand like you have always done.


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