Myriad thought, lifeless destination and stormy weather

Kisses blown in the air as the tapestry of thoughts weave a song for togetherness, comfort and love;
Craving for the couch in the towering building sea facing to call the shots and the chauffeur-driven Bentley,
the windy breeze brings me down on earth;
Shattering the myth of day dreaming, I spangle at the glass buildings sparkling the city as I am swayed to the thick smokescreen of dust pumped by heavy vehicles;
Tiny drops of rain descend from the clouded sky, blurring my vision and images as I strive to cross the road in the maddening traffic;
Besotted by the charm of the heroine oozing sensuality on the billboards seems real and want to burst out on the road to hold my hand to heaven;
Guilty pleasures consumed at the back of the mind as the paani-puri seller whoosh past me as I crave for the delicious snack;
Yet, I am penniless as the chintzy jeans is felt by my skin as I try to find my steps in the city;
I am rendered lifeless as I am carried to a nameless destination, as I hear whispers and moans of lovers while passing the thatched hut on the huge construction site;
0! City dwellers have mercy on me! 
Embrace me in your arms as I stand on the parapet, surrounded by rocks and stormy water to feel the love and comfort.

With Love
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