Birthday wishes, Aha moment and the cake

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The boy's eyes beamed like a school kid on Tuesday, feeling like a prince in a  pod, born on June 24. After all, he is special as he celebrated his birthday. He stopped growing when he turned 18 and so turning one year older is not gonna make any difference to his mental age.
It was my birthday and I am still recovering from the lover shown on me, receiving wishes on Facebook, Gchat, Linkedin, blog, phone calls. I feel truly blessed. What I was gonna do struck me and was surprised by my own acts on the birthday. I've been someone who never believed in celebrating birthdays and can't remember the time when I last cut the cake...I think it was way back in 2005 when flatmates gave me a small surprised. Coaxed by Meghna and Koks, I bought a small cake and a candle at the supermarket for the sake of fun. Post the mutton dinner with mom, I get set to cut the cake. Only hitch, I misplace the candle to blow. I was dying to click a selfie with Mom but, since I am so lame at clicking the pose, I abandoned after several unsuccessful attempts. The candle blew by itself the time attempts to click selfies were thwarted. The lick in the candle, somehow, torn part. Finally, I get to cut the cake and man, I was smiling like a school kid.
The wine bottle sent across by the cousin-brother was uncorked as I tasted the creamy cake I got for myself. A tale of treating the self with dollops of happiness and fun to make the day memorable. A moment in life I cherished as I turned one year older.
An aha moment on the birthday coupled with amazingly awesome things seeming to unfurl itself towards the end of the day. As I was telling mom, I have a gut instinct that great things gonna come my way coz I can feel the breeze, acting as the harbinger of extraordinary things. I got a call in the evening and if things work out, I may join the office where I resigned, a year ago. There has been a change in ownership and it seems that the new guy is a very nice one. Finally, I can exude relief after being at home for good six months minus salary.
It couldn't have come at a better day with such wonderful wishes coming my way from superbly amazing people. Dad's birthday came today and I spare a thought to the man. He would have been 72 today. Happy wala budday, Dad.
Let's count our blessings coz one can never know when opportunity and  luck knocks on the door.
With Lotsa love
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