Let's Talk Bout' Sex, Baby

Sex, the dreaded word that hides beneath the white sheet. Let's not talk bout it and bury our heads in the dark. Just do it! Right? Sex is sin and polluting our rich culture. But, for how long we will stifle human desires and longing for sex? As a nation, we suffer from numerous complexes and sex is one of it coz its morally wrong. Isn't it ironical that we belong to the land of Kamasutra, yet, shy away from speaking about sex openly?
We are no maven in doing it the right way and, after all, we are no sex connoisseurs in this world. Aren't we the same people who will hide behind the computer to watch porn or erotica DvDs that we nicely hide under the mattress? When I saw the Ranveer Singh Durex condom ad, I felt a tinge of relief that, at least, the flood gate has been opened to speak about sex. We have been repressed for long and the matter of desire have been hidden for too long, blaming it on norms laid out to be respected as a society. It hurts even more when a woman comes in the open to discuss bout' sex and desires. Hell! She is not allowed to speak about the sex in the open. Who has given her the right to upset the balance of male dominance in a society that reeks of human oppression? Of course, we will cast aspersion on her character? After all, who gave her the right to speak about sex, orgasm are controlled by men and where the latter being on top seems to be the norm of the day?

Let's f*** and not talk about it. The organs of pleasure is a calamity if talked about and yet it's one of our favorite pet peeves and bashing under the name of morality. Expression in erotic literature and films must be banned coz we are offended yet we raise a hue-and-cry when rape happens. It suits us not to open up to our sons and daughters on the emotion called S-E-X and our text books is truly religious coz there is no mention of sex. Why should we open up to reality and let's pent up the pressure inside our bodies.
We shall not explore our bodies as human beings to speak about the A to Z of sexuality since it will provoke chasm of emotions hinging on immorality. Well! The tragedy is that we have lived with such an attitude since times immemorial where our bodies are un-chartered zone that we shall not explore. For how long, we will remain hypocrite and stay alien to our sexuality as human beings?
I don't think it benefits us as human beings not to speak about sex which fetters our growth. I feel that one of the reasons many males commit rape, which is an atrocious attack on the soul of a woman, is our lack of education on sex. Let's face it, we are sex-illiterate. Or the other way, bluntly speaking, many men use sex to show their power of superiority on women and to dominate them sexually, be it rape, assault or demanding favors in exchange for a promotion. This is the myopic view we have as human beings and it's sad.
It's a tragedy that we are so reluctant to open up about sexuality and freak out at its mere mention. Is sex such a bad thing and it should be used just for the sake of procreation?
 I am sorry, sex is not solely a matter of procreation, but it juts over pleasure enjoyed in equal measure by both partners. I feel that the Ranveer Singh condom ad, Durex couldn't have come at a better time so that we get to know ourselves better as sexual beings. We are ready to fall in love, nurture sexual fantasies but why are we so hideous when it comes to speak about sex in the open?
Mind you, people in small cities have lotsa sexual fantasies, have abundant amount of sex before reaching 18 and will fantasize about Deepika Padukone, Sherlyn Chopra, Sunny Leone, Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, to do the obvious. Every year, India Today comes up with its sex survey and if we go by it, it's an outstanding result that makes us reflect on what we think under the white sheet. 
Let's talk about SEX baby for we are no chimers when it comes to doing it. Rather than acting as perverts, we should come out of the closet and speak unabashedly about having sex, the importance it holds in our lives as equal human beings in society. Not talking about sex is not going to help our cause but will push us to explore it in the most negative manner by being at risk and blackmailed by peddlers and pedophiles. We owe it to the new generation that we don't stifle and repress their deeds, thoughts and actions.
One can only hope that we will stop trumping the religious or political card in the name of morality and many more such ads, films should be made, healthy-cum-serious debates encouraged to educate us on our sexuality. It doesn't help anyone to hide their face or put the light off before shedding or clothes and rather shed our inhibitions as human beings. Sex is all about social equality that permeates a society and culture.
Let's face it. A society discarding its citizens as second class is not worth called as such. As a friend made a hearty jape, sex is all about doing it with anyone you want at any place of your choice. Couldn't be better than that? Totally crude and free from the shackle of hypocrisy.


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