O' Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Sushma everybody's favorite making a killing a la Kebab, shoes Modi-fication

Read at your own helluva risk! Now, you kissed the Queen of English, slightly peckishly peeved at the emotions flying in the thick air from our India to Buckingham Palace. Is it NaMo?! No! Not again! Our dear and fading Queen of England is gradually waning away to unwanted glory and, after all, we have no right to fucking piss the old guard after her vintage team, England, made a grand exit a la Samba in Brazil. No! Samba for the Rooney and Gerard Boys of the world. We gonna have a grand Indian affair a la Lok Sabha.
Lok Sabha! I must be kidding and gone nuts coz it's all dumped in history now.
If there is one thing that can bestir us to the extent of feeling an orgasmic pleasure, it's election, cricket, football yeah World Cup fever and, of course, NaMo NaMo. Remember we are the Mango peeps sucking the Mangola in the the heat a la Alphonso. Sexual beings, of course we are! Last heard, our traders were feeling hawkish at the prospect of banking on fans professing their love for NaMo to rake in the moolah. Bechara Junta, we thought that the prospect of seeing Katrina sucking the Aam was one thing that quenches the thirst. For once, Katrina has been confined to the background as poster boy Modi is on a killing spree for traders.
Aha! You name it, you get it! The Big Parliament Bazaar is back with a bang with numbers tossing their way like flying saucepans from one side of the house to the other, making for a staggering figure like elephants crushing the tiny, fading opposition sitting like good kids a la ants. Outside the house, women shopping for shoes are having a blast buying in all colors for a steal in the Delhi shops. Blame it on discounts scouting for customers who wanna celebrate NaMo NaMo. Our dear PM is bemused how they are making a killing on his back in the market, selling his poster image like hot Vada Pavs, Modi tee-shirts, mugs or Kohlapuri chappals to the great joy of shop-alcoholics. Only if tomatoes were cheap to run the household renaming it, 'NaMo special', we would eat to the delight of hungry stomachs. 
See that's the way to beat up the economic spirit which was dampened, from roaring to crouching. The secret to boost up double-digit growth and Namo must be secretly wishing that tube light moment was struck to cash in by marketing his merchandisers. He defeated Old Congress but couldn't with the wise crack called traders and food sellers. One man'e meat is another one's poison. Bitter pill to swallow, indeed!
Now, wait! How much will Rahul Baba be available on the market? Speak about the Economics of Politics, I know it's a quixotic of sort and not a tale of diamond dearer over water. Only if Rahul Baba was water grabbed for free, half of India would quench their thirst. Or, Chota Bheem will be watched for free on Dish TV as they decide to make apna Rahul Baba, its brand ambassador. What, no taker for this one?! I am flabbergasted coz the defanged face of Congress is bobbing his way to heaven with no one willing to sell him as their merchandiser. After all, it's all about the money!

On the menu card, a lil' birdie told me that people are swarming their way to their favorite Pubs and resto to devour Namo Fry veg dish and special Kababs to get high on politics. Beer and spirits a la Modi is making alcohol lovers steam their way to merry. Last heard, Rahul Dal Fry and Kejri da Dabba is whittling away and out of order in the plush restos and modest eat outs, alike. Blame it on Dharna menus whipped a la last minute that turned out to be a messy dish in the deck and Rahul ice-cream melting like the Dilli Di Sardi.
Now, who can beat the business ingenuity of our traders and restaurateurs making a killing on the market? Food culture in India has broken a new record with the Modi-fication of dishes in the name of innovation. Move over the Nirma Soap and the likes of Hema, Rekha, Jaya aur Sushma...sabki pasand Nirma!!!! Time to boost Nirma sales, Sab ki Pasand Modi washing powder Nirma. See, Basanti and Jaya not the devil wearing the Prada..oye Lalita are leading the pack like wolves in politics. Modi-fication didn't spare foodies, traders sprucing up their act all over the scale on the busy street. By the way, where is Shot Gun nowadays?! Khamosh!

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