Bol Radha Bol!!

Now, who can say that one day, Sunny Leone will go out of job in times of recession? Sunny and her ilk can re-invent herself when her jawani goes out of toss. No, the Leone Babe doesn't need to go bald for that, even if she does, there are so many things she can do.
Image credit: Radhey Maa on Google
Let me think for a minute! Like playing Radha! Yeps, tube light moment..playing Radhey Maa that Radhey herself has immortalized, doing a double swing like Hema Malini in Seeta aur Geeta and Sridevi in Chalbaaz. A modern version would be Tanu Weds Manu Returns.
Bol Radha Bol 2.0, Radha on the dance floor reloaded, what options is Radhey Maa offering to heroines whose careers will soon dip. From Baby Doll to Dharmic Doll, Maa spreads Bhakti and Shakti all over. Now, Shakti Kapoor stop peeping through the hole, wearing saffron Kurta! 
Radhey Maa on the reality show and swinging to the tune of Karan Johar on Jhalak Reloaded is a winning proposition to push the show's TRP. One hour full blast of Bhakti dance, Tandav and Radha on the dance floor, likes to party. It will be mother of shows, I tell you. Radhey Maa will tie Rakhi on your wrist, aooo!! From Lolita to Radhey Maa. What a jodi and super hit combo that would the silver screen, Shakti Kapoor and Radhey Maa!
Our new age Maa, gives darshan in the day and dances to her tune, wearing lal lal during the night. Ah! The devotees who hug and carry her like a child, must be reveling in ecstasy witnessing their favorite Maa's new found celebrity status. Twiterrazi must be having a field day like Yusuf Pathan. Kitna pyari Bachi hai, Achiko Bachiku sab se pyari hai Radhey Munni tu.

Blessing doled out all over the place and this Maa is the dowry Maa. Move over Lalita Pawar folks and her atrocity wrecked on-screen Bahus. Just imagining if Radhey Maa had bahus, how would she treat them!Their punishment would be to sit for long hours in Pravachan and sing for her in shopping malls, clapping hands, while she would gyrate to chart busters.
Heard Subhash Ghai take her blessing before releasing his latest movie!! Just wondering what must be her age when Kalicharan, Ram Lakhan and Taal released!! In any case, she must be a Maa in progress and growing up like the software we install on the laptop. Mere do anmol ratan, ek hai ram ek hai lakhan, Radhey Maa must be singing and swooning. Bole toh, ek dum blockbuster Maa hai yeh Radhey.
A Maa as cute as Radhey gives complex to Deepika's dimple and Katrina's lachak, Chikni Chameli ya My name is Radhey, Radhey ki bhakti. Now, I am thinking, how I should change my career and turn into saint, a Baba sitting under the shade of a Peepal tree, reading destiny and running away with loads of rupaiyas. See, Radhey Maa is such an inspiration and I'll become a millionaire chutki me. After all, who wants to watch AB in KBC to become Crorepathi when Radhey Maa is here.
Bol Radha (ey) tune yeh kya kiya.

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