The Shining Guide: Happy Teachers' Day

You held my lil finger and patiently showed me the array of rainbows as I stood in sheer delight;

We stood together on the edge of the cliff, I held your hands fearing I may fall down;

You gently placed your hands on my head, reminding me that you are here for me;

You are the father and mother figures in school and college as I always looked up to you,

bugging you with my troubles;

You patiently listened to me and showed compassion and love;

I feel so loved and blessed, sitting in your company.

As you walked in college dressed in your Kurta Pyjamas and Saree,


I stood in amazement as I looked up to you all as my heroes;

Some are you are friends, some are spiritual fathers and mothers;

How I wish we could go back in time!

Today, I think of the memorable life learning lessons you taught me in class.

You made me who I am today.

How I relish the lesson of life.

Thank you, teachers.

I cannot tell what you have given to me.

Happy Teachers' Day

With Love

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