Five Things I Can't Leave the House Without

There are certain things without which I can't leave the house without and going out without these stuff signal the death knell for me. Just imagine myself stepping outside without my must have list means struggling to breath without oxygen and I will feel so out of this world.

1. Handset
It doesn't matter if there is no credit on the phone or I am not making any call, the handset must find its way in the jeans pocket. I hate the feeling that the pockets of my pair of Levis is empty and for me, the handset is the oxygen of life where I gotta check time and do some time pass playing games, toggling with the features and settings as well as scrolling with messages, I also constantly check the time on handset since it's been ages I don't wear a wrist watch.

2. Wallet
I use a Pepe wallet which I got in Mumbai at Phoenix mall, Lower Parel way back in  the end of 2011 and since then, it's been my constant companion. I absolute love the wallet and it contains lil' bit of cash, credit and debit card. It's another thing that the credit card stand to be cancelled by the bank and I don't have a dime in my debit card. But, doing without my favorite wallet is like going without food and water. I don't wanna gape for breath and so the wallet always remain the pocket of my jeans.

3. Spectacles
Yeah, I can see without wearing my funky colored glasses coated in red and black. I absolutely love my glasses but it's less about making a fashion statement but more of being functional for the eyes. I don't remember last when I survived without my glasses. Okie! I am a geek. That's it! Happy?!

4. Books and Magazines
I am a self-confessed book worm and make no bones about it. You will always find  book and few magazines in my bag which I read during my bus journey. It is actually an efficient way to beat the traffic that gnaw on my nerves and it has a soothing effect on my happy state of being. I just need to be happy and once I get into the bus, I worry less about paying the fare but rather, start reading.

5. Backpack
The backpack bag gotta be on me, doesn't matter where I am going, be it meeting somebody, watching movies or the time I was working. I am the boy that carries the backpack that give shelter to my diary and books. Speaking about the diary, it got to be in the bag since I need to jot something every now and then in the diary, whether appointments or to do bucket list for the day.
Hopeth you have fun reading my list. Babes and dudes! What's yours?
Happy Saturday
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