It's September! Yaaay

Hurray! It's September and hold your breath, first day of the month and I have reasons to feel optimistic with a dash of hope. Wishing for new job, new movies to watch and lotsa blogging my way. Check my new blog and I have signed for the Writetribe festival for seven days. You will find me on www.vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com
First day of September falls on Sunday and what I am up-to?

1. Entertainment quotient
The day is spent watching an interview of Priyanka Chopra on NDTV. Lazing on the couch and enjoying the day, reading newspapers, watching news and what else? Jhalak Dikla Jaa where the fun-loving Salman Khan will provide entertainment quotient plus Comedy Show with Kapil. I have some newspapers lying by my side and, of course, Amish's Oath of Vyaputras.

2. Blogging
Blogging, blogging and blogging. Right? That's what I am doing right now and super excited to be part of write tribe seven days challenge of September writing festival. I am yet to start and already getting goosebumps coz some people have already submitted their entries. I just can't live without blogging and all that matters.

3. Three o'clock lunch
I am in hurry to take my lunch since I wake up quite late and gulp cuppa coffees and tea. The breakfast time starts at noon and basically lunch will make its way at 3 p.m. Mom made Pulao yesterday night and it shall occupy the stomach for lunch in a while. At one glance, a happy Sunday and as they say, soul curry for the soul.

4. Chat and pep talk
I just finished a brain storming session with a friend over one of my brutally honest friend on angle taken and which she disagrees with. I agree with her since as a woman, she has her issues with the post and the identity of a woman. She is someone whose inputs I look forward to and it was an awesome brain-storming session. Chatted with few other friends, one in Dubai whose book will be released soon and another friend whose ping I am eagerly waiting for. Love my chat session with old chums and it make my Sunday totally fab.

5. I am lucky
I trust my soul for sending signals to the heart. On the first day of the seventh month of the first Sunday, I am feeling so happy. There are reasons enough to believe that it's gonna be an awesome month for me where dollops of magic will take place and can't wait for my luck to surprise me. Feeling awesome, right now!

So, people what are you waiting for?! Give a loud shout to the month of September and enjoy the sea breeze, last dash of monsoon, wind and all that matters in life.

With Love N Happy and awesome Sunday/ September

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