100 Words on Saturday by WriteTribe: Truly Alive@30+

I am 30+, I tell her. It's scary.
"Why you think so? At some point or another, we are growing old."
I maintain a stoic silence and gulp the coffee drop. The hot capuccino makes me feel better about age and everything that matters.
 “It's scary, yaa. I'm out of work and broke? My college friends own businesses, act in movies, drive their own cars, have huge bank balances and invested in properties."
She tells, 'How does it matter? Writing is your passion and next job will come, yaa. As long as you are young at heart, You Are Truly Alive."
Concluding Notes:
I participated in Write Tribe Saturday 100 Words on the theme, 'Truly Alive' from my other blog, www.vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com which I already submitted. Since, I already submitted, I am posting this one without submitting and you can check out the various entries by fellow bloggers through this link.
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