Seven Things to do before I Die

The Write Tribe Festival of Words ended on a high notes yesterday where more than 50 entries, including mine were received. The response has been overwhelming where I got the chance to interact and learn from amazingly talented and superb bloggers. You will find more on writetribe.com.
I feel that seven days is not enough to write on the theme, SEVEN, and continuing my awesome SEVEN-er on this blog since I submitted my entries on the other blog www.vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com
Here, I scribble on Seven Things To Do Before I Die

1. Write a novel

If are a book worm like I am, it is quite natural that you will aspire for the next journey, Writing a book. I am dying to write a book and I have already started working on a rom-com based in Mumbai. Dunno, how long it will take before my book goes in print or become an e-version. I also wanna write a small book of poems and at least, I wanna become a published author before I become history.

2. Act or direct a movie

We are all film buffs, aren't we? I am passionate about movies and keen to learn the ropes of film-making, editing and direction, of course. It is a fact in Mumbai that everyone associated with films be it the AD, Production controller, make up artists or spot boys, they all want to make a film. It's been my dream to be an actor or director and since film-making is my passion, I would die to act in a movie and become a director. Who knows I may act in a movie directed by me someday? I wanna become an actor and director before I die. In the meantime, I am also thinking of making a short film to derive some satisfaction.

3. Walk the Ramp
Yeah! I am a fashion freak and dream of walking the ramp some day. Why not become the show stopper for the likes of Manish Malhotra, Masaba Gupta, Vikram Phadnis or Natasha? Well! That's too much, I guess! lolz I just wanna walk the ramp one day and rock the scene. We all love clothes and I adore shopping for attires that makes me comfortable in my skin.

4. Head a fashion or film magazine and/or a newspaper
I have worked as a sub-editor and journalist for three years. Thus, I nurture the dream of heading a fashion/life style publication or newspaper in this life time and this is something quite do-able I feel. Being part of journalism is my oyster and I have learned so much on the floor and it's but quite natural to showcase my competence and know-how by passing my message and philosophy. If any Tom, Dick and Harry can head a newspaper just by showcasing my experience can, why not me? There are some amazing editors but there are also some..well u know under the name of 40 years of experiencing making the whole thing a sensation. 

5. Get a job that hopping around the world
I wanna do a job where I can hope from one glorious side of the world to another. Being  globe trotter and global citizen, this would be a dream job where I can keep travelling the world on official and professional assignments.

6. Interviewing Big B

It is true that I have taken a break from journalism but I really wanna interview the big daddy of the film industry and one of the biggest actors in the world, Amitabh Bachchan. Just imagine speaking to the Big B over a cuppa of tea on movies, his struggle, glorious comeback, Kaun Banega Crorepathi and Cinema. Cool na! That will be the best day of my life. I am confident that it will happen in this lifetime.

7. Start an NGO for the girl child

This project is very dear to me and I want to start a Non Government Organisation to home and uplift the girl child through education. I have sponsored the education of a girl child in Mumbai and it feel sad to see young girls begging in every nook-and-corner of India where they are vulnerable to sexual violence or other forms of violence. One day I will start my own NGO and empower young and vulnerable girls who can be seen begging at traffic signals and working as rag-pickers. This project is very dear to me.

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