Book Review: Suroor of the Soul truly soulful experience

Are you ready for a soulful and fulfilling journey in life? If your answer is yes, Soumya Vilekar and co-author  Shaheen S Dhanji has the answer for you in their latest offering for the soul, Suroor of the Soul-Seeking the Divine. Calling Suroor of the Soul, a collection of poems would be too simplistic term and an understatement but it is rather a human journey right from birth and the process where the soul grows in life to ultimately seek happiness in this journey called life.

Suroor of the Soul is divided into four parts and delves into the birth of the soul, fragrance of roses through the words of the talented Shaheen S Dhanji, travails of the soul and, ultimately, seeking the union with the divine. The first part of the book deals with the birth of the soul and the conflict in the mind at the sight of the new world. It evolves at a myopic stage like the baby in the realm of the stark existence. As the soul evolves to find its way to grow as a separate entity,it deals with attachment, friendship, destiny, human life and peace. The journey has just began and Soumya Vilekar takes us to a unique discovery of human life in the big bad world through innocence of the eyes and our aesthetic senses.
In the second part of the book, we are introduced to co-author, Shaheen S Dhanji, an accomplished person in her own way, who beautifully finds a place in our heart through music, fragrance and mirror image of the self. She effectively delves into one of the most complex emotions, love and beautifully equate submission to the divine power. One is held spellbound by the powerful words intelligently chosen by Shaheen S Dhanji.
Author Soumya Vilekar
Author Soumya Vilekar
The third part of the book seek answers from the Divine and Religion as to how the soul goes through the travails of worship and delve into its quest to become the perfect being. The poem, God and Religion, has struck a chord with my existence and makes a humble plea on the celebration of differences. The poem is a recitation on the various journeys taken to accomplish spirituality, no matter what names we choose to call our Gods, Allah, Krishna, Jesus, Guru Nanak. It is something which is very close to my heart since I believe humans should not quarrel over the creator of life.
The final part of the book guides us from the sub-conscious to super consciousness of the mind and soul. It is the point of salvation where the soul strives to attain Moksha (liberation) in human life. The soul strives for perfection to attain God where it submit itself to the creator of human life. Suroor of the Soul invokes God as the supreme being and romanticize the notion of God as the lover. There is no conflict in the mind and the heart as the believer submits itself to the medium of belief  and loses the ego.
The book, Suroor of the Soul has shocked my senses through its elegance and beautifully crafted words that transcend human life and existence. It is a book that comes straight from the heart and invokes spiritual freedom that goes beyond the realm. After I reached the last prose, I couldn't react. Suroor of the Soul is the guide for human happiness where the authors delve deep into the combined human thoughts and complexities of a life.  Suroor of the Soul is not a book but a spiritual journey for the quest of unlimited happiness. The best thing about Suroor of the Soul is that it never preaches but rather is a conversation of minds in conflict with each other. The solution lies in the pristine reflections shared by two great human and humble minds, Soumya Vilekar and Shaheen S Dhanji. Soumya can be contacted on her blog, Soumyav. wordpress.com and on facebook age, https://www.facebook.com/SurooroftheSoul. Shaheen S dhanji's website shaheensultandhanji.weebly.com. You can also order your copy on http://www.amazon.com/dp/1484914759/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_VKBlsb0W2TJY5SHF.
Happy Reading and enjoy the journey of the soul.
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