Mom's a woman..Happy Mom Day

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Happy International Mom's Day..U know why coz Mom's a woman..ah!Corny line!Someone in college said that in front of an audience during college days..I love all women coz my Mom's a woman..Ah!There were some round of applause and some boos as well. It sucked to the core.
Yesterday, was the International Women Day and I take a bow to all women who juggled their professional career,taking care of the kids and husband and were able to shine through. There are also the home makers who take care of the house, those admirable ladies who had the guts to sacrifice an interesting career to take care of the kids.Mom is one of them and she choose to abandon her career in the 70s as a supervisor in a textile industry to take care of me.Silly me! 
Move over the ladies and let's jump right to me. Something that may be termed memory or partial memory loss been happening to me.Met Meghna on G-Chat and here the conversation goes:
Meghna to me:You didn't wished me..
Me: Is it ur bday..Happy Birthday..oops!I'm bit lost nowadays..should have checked in my diary.
Meghna to Me: Check again
Feel Meghna was angry and  sent her bday wish by sms, offering thousand apologies
She shoots back,dude it's not my b'day.
Now,I'm crest fallen and I'm oh how on earth did I fucked up!!!
Meghna to me: Google
Immediately I Google celebrations..International Women Day.
Partial memory loss on Women's Day. See, that's the power of Women and they can't really make your brains go awry..Thank god, we are not in the same city or else she would have killed me for mistaking Women day for her b'day.Never ever do that,it makes them furious.Powerful ladies!!!!They make you go Kaput, the confuse your heart,mind and head. As it is, don't we fall in love with them and we start taking care of our body,cutting the hair,polish our appearances and they drive us into doing stuffs which we would consider weird on a normal day.
Mom's a Woman..I love Women and Happy International Women Day.

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