The sea and the tide of life

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Standing on the sea rocks, the water violently dashes against the sea bank,as it splutters on my face.
I bend down and pour the salt water in my hand and let it flow in the sea.
Our life is like sea and high tide comes to elevates us all.
At some point, the water remain still, so does our lives.
Life itself is like the huge sea and it embraces us all.
As humans, we have the inherent ability to withstand the storms and we go get carried by the huge Tsunami.
It's god warning to us.
No matter how big we become,let's stay and play modest.
We can never know how the sea storm may take us away.
What shall remains are ruins.
Our emotions felt are like the seas.
Sometimes we vent it out and sometimes we repress it for fear of being judged.
We cry as if telling the sea to take our tears.
But, we want to tell the sea to take us in some faraway place where our energy flows-love,sea,tears,anger,sadness will be freely expressed.
A wish that our life shall bear the stillness of the seas.
No tornado,floods shall wreck our existence.
Yet,life is a mirror image of our life and we are pushed to the extreme.
Either we learn to swim on the spur of the moment and reach the banks.
We emerge the strongest.
Or, we choose to get carried away by the storm as our dead body floats on the water surface.
The sea water and our life are intertwined together, soul is the sea and the sea becomes the body.
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