India ne Diya Ghumake

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What a match?Heart pounding, anxious moments there were as India took on Pakistan in this nerve wrecking semi final @Mohali. India got a good start as Virender Sehwag lifted the pressure off the team a lil bit. Then, Pakistan took over and gave us a tough time. We lost our wickets in the form of Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh and our own master blaster, Sachin. At that moment, the euphoria died a bit, I must admit and started to lose hope. We managed 260 runs at the end of the first innings.
I had to leave the match at the start of the second half and went to the bank. As I came back home, I  rushed back home to be in front of my computer to watch on line. I am not in India right now and had to content myself with some net link..Slowly, Pakistan crumbled and their wickets fell. I was praying and slowly the wonderful Indian team, whether Yuvraj, master blaster Sachin and Bhaji-Harbhajan Singh contributed to the down fall of Pakistani wickets, I couldn't hold myself and became so so excited.
Best moments came from Yuvi who in the flick of four overs brought down two wickets from Pakistan and Sachin marvellous catch and Bhaji's antics. We waited for the ouster of Afridi and we prayed god to fetch his wicket prayer answered. I've put it as my status update on FB and a college pal replied..done.It was such an emotional moment. Pakistan's eight wickets were done and I couldn't wait for the magical moment to come and we were in the final of the World Cup for the third time. It's such a moment in life when you truly miss the fire crackers, the roaring celebrations on the streets. 
India finally did it and with style. It's a proud moment in the life of every India and it makes it even more beautiful coz its Pakistan and we outclassed them. Cheers to Zaheer Khan, Nehra, Dhoni, Yuvraj, Harbhajan and our legend Sachin Tendulkar. It was superb, emotional..Yea, what a match.Diya Ghumake:)
Proud to be an Indian
Our boyzzz made it:)
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