Effective ways to break up with your gal-For males only

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If there is something I wanna change bout you, it's that you are a sick bitch who always love emotional blackmail to get things done in your favor. You are such a shameless bitch and I just wanna tell you during sex how I hate such crap. It's one thing I hate the most bout you. The worse part is how do you use sex to make yourself desirable and makes me run around.
Hey fellas!It's the sure shot to get the hell of your babe out of your life.

The second pointer to get rid of her--ok tread with caution here:
Go to her house and after kissing her and making up in the kitchen, take her cell phone and send lovey dovey messages to your ex or some love interests. When she replies back, don't delete the message or better still,don't pick up the phone.Let her discover your antics and in no time, they will communicate-your ex-ex and your to be ex.Be ready to face her wrath, drama before she becomes your ex.
Here's the big one an dis one sure to awake the dead volcano, the tigress inside her. Propose sex to her best friend or one of her shopping cum gossip cum kitty party compagnion. Gals love to gossip and it will be an occasion to screw you. Next moment, you walk in happily without her and heave fresh air around.
Always drop a nice,flirting line on the Face Book profile of the female,classmate she hates the most for being a boy friend stealer.Pointer, how you doing,babe?Let's catch up sometimes over coffee at CCD. Now, this one is tsunami and it's the best way for her to break up with you. See, you gotta no effort to make and she'll be the one pulling the plug.
Never stick to the thing she loves people around her  to do or indulge in things she hates the most.Of she likes you wear yellow short, wear pink always and if she looks at you, make as if you can't get the vibes. Act terribly weird. Or, keep her room in a mess and through your clothes on the bed,use plates and mugs in the kitchen and keep them idle somewhere if she's a clean maniac kind of chick.
Be the devil and why we should always run around and designed to so by the women to do stuffs they wanna us to do?Point noted!!!Like I hate being the kind of good guy the chicks think I am. I wanna be mean,evil and have grey in me.I urge all of you m,en folks to do so. Be mean to your gal friend, live in partner and wife but not to your awesome female friends.Let's be mean and as it is, chicks,babes whatever we call them,love mean guys.So,guyzzzz what are you waiting for?/If they can gang up against us,the feminists so can we for a change!!!!!!!
Here we go.

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