Not Just a One night stand

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He opened his eyes and looked at his watch. It was just 3.45 a.m in the morning as he went in the kitchen, made a coffee and took a fag from his cigarette case. He opened the window from his Bandra appartment and looked at the view down. The few taxi wallahs, the Mumbai cops on Bandstand and few boys and girls chased away.
Ranveer always have coffee and cigarette after sex. As she looked at her, she was fast asleep and the gorgeous smile on her face gave him the impression that she would wake up at any moment. Flashback:
Hi I am Jahnvi, what u up to? Sorry!I mean can I have a cigarette.
Cool!not an issue..waiting for some friends.
Nopes,just came for a round here..I'm shit bored here . Just moved from Delhi and here I am to pursue Mass comm at Xavier's.
Well, I am a writer and work in a bank just to sustain myself in Mumbai.
I stay here only. only 2 km from the sea..Paani puri..yea!why not?
Any girlfriend?
Nopes, single.
I just broke up with mine as I had to shift to Mumbai.
Let's go and have a hot Capuccino at barrista.
Ranveer couldn't understand why he didn't told her that he just broke up with his girl friend 30 minutes ago in the same place they are having coffee.
Yeah,man. I need to get laid.I need a man.
My house is just 2 km away.
Let's spill the coffee. I love the no-strings attached relationship with a handsome hunk.
Please don't tell me I am your FB.
Nice line to befriend me on Facebook.
Babe, I'm referring to Fuck buddy.
It's been two weeks. They met through sheer chance and Jahnvi proposed sex and Ranveer went along. Since then, she 'z been forever in his flat and holding hands as they walk down the aisle at Bandra Bandstand. She took her towards the rocks and he kissed her. She said I love and both couldn't understand why.
As he took a puff of Wills cigarette, he ponders on whether it's love. It's not just sex but they have a connect. Let it go till it goes and till then, they are enjoying each and every moment of togetherness. 
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