Worries behold

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Happy Holi. A belated one and Happy b'day to whoever in this part of the world who are celebrating b'day. Folks are truly special!Not a bad way at all to start!!What say?
In some ways or another, we all special. Don't they say it, Every child is special.Truly blessed Prasoon Joshi and Amir Khan. We are special and restless beings. it do brings a certain sense of insecurity in life. We belong to the global world of natural worriers, meaning human beings. We worry of passing the exams, then landing in a good jod with lotsa moolah!Then, we worry in what part of the world we sshall be. A truly tensed moment in life. Where would I be in five years time and what I shall be doing?/Joining the corporate world and climb up the latter as CEO?Happily married with 2 kids or divorce..Fuck,bhenchod,mera kya hoga!!!Pertinent yet complex questions.
Frankly, I haven't been able to master the questions as to what and where I shall be?I believe it is the huge ego ego deep inside me that is causing such worries in life. Most of the time we end up worrying on something that's just not gonna happen. The more we try to push stuffs off, the more they will be integrated in our mind and affect us. The best thing to do is to let the mind be  a passive observer to things and everything that matters.Gurus call it the power of consciousness.
We all love to have a better life, a better job and surrounded by people who matters the most to us. It gives us a sense of comfort in life and very few of us like being pushed. Ironically,in adversity or failure,lies success and vice versa. I think most of us,including myself, really hates venturing out of the comfort zone and lying within the storms of life.It leads to nausea,one would argue. But,if we don't venture, we won't feel the nausea and just by hearing things are bad, it can't be possibly bad. Things to ponder ove. Food for thought!Cranberries to taste.
Let's all be special. My point is why worry for tomorrow and grow restless out of nothing. One can never know when life can get over with the earthquakes and shakes happening all over. Enjoy every second of life and enjoy the milk shake. Things will fall into place.
Good M'nin
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