Be the Light feather

Light feather. I feel like the lightning piercing through the sky and stars in nightfall. Surrounded by vibes and energy flow transported across the skies, magical hues unfurl. You get the drift, right!

September started with a good kick in the ass. It’s sensual. Pause. Sexy weather. Pause. I know the feeling. I trust the gut instinct. Happiness hovering above the head like the helicopter. You know kids prance in excitement when the plane fly above the sky as if they gonna touch it. Such raw orgasm of the mind!

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It’s the vibes, dearies. It takes the form of a beautiful woman, feminine in appeal yet she wields a certain aura and power. A friend. We used to hang out during the students days at Barista in SoBo (South Mumbai). Nopes, before you get ideas, there wasn’t and there is no sexual, physical or romantic attraction. The spark that flew in my direction is on a different planet. She always gave me the powerful vibes and energy that ushers in goodness, happiness and the extraordinary. It’s such a magical feeling. I can sense it.

We reconnected after eight years on Facebook. I swear. I know. It’s so fucking long. I came across her profile on Linkedin and somehow, she became a contact. I didn’t realize. It’s only after gleaning on profiles on my contacts that I was like, ‘Oh! That’s her!’ I am extremely proud of her. She is doing so well as a fashion designer having worked with the leading voices in the film and style industry.

I ping her on FB. I thought success would change her or she would be arrogant or something. Even if she doesn’t reply, that’s okay. After all, it’s been so long. We do move on in life to do our thousand things.

She replied after one and a half months. That was on the last day of August. We had this nice chat on FB messenger, harking to the past and the days at Barista. The creamy crowd during the halcyon days but it’s no longer same same, she says. We gotta catch up when I come back to India.

The lady gives me such powerful vibes. I admire her confidence, aura, and presence that leave anyone speechless. I call her a Goddess. We finished our chat at 9 pm or something. I was expecting some news regarding my fees. I checked the office mail past midnight. Got the good news at 9.30 p.m. I believe it’s interlinked. It’s all about spreading positive energy and kindness. It’s a circle of happiness.

There were minor hiccups during the day. Finally, I got my fees for the month today. The first thing I do is fork out a bomb for this Levi’s jeans with 50 percent discount at the outlet and getting some grocery. I sip an amazing coffee. It’s not a question of money but how awesome it makes you feel inside getting your favourite brand. I believe in treating the self. We owe it to the soul.

It’s giving me the superb feeling as the winds flew, gently caressing the face and the cold cupping like a heavenly kiss on the cheek. Spreading the flow of energy in abundance to reach everyone. It’s a chain of happiness. I know my good times 
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