Fiction: I am not your boyfriend

I read the message from my best friend and couldn't believe my eyes. It's beyond human comprehension to understand girls. Not human but man's defying logic. Oh! Women! I tell. One day they will not speak but the next, they will sulk for ignoring their calls. I don't think I can ever understand Shraddha. This girl is driving me nuts. Ok! I was always crazy about her. Love sucks. Never fall in love with your best friend.

It was one summer afternoon when we met in college during our induction. I was plain bored since there were only the two of us  in class and when I heard her name, I was like oooh! Shradha, cool name. Hot chick. Actually, she might be fake, unlike her name. I tore a paper into pieces and threw it on her hair plait . We became friends. She still doesn't know about the prank. I dunno what fun or thrill I was getting by doing that. She was too hot to handle.

She disappeared from classes to resurface in the classroom like some celebrity gracing some event. One day she popped in front of me and asked for notes. After all, who has the gall to refuse a hot chick? I dashed to the small shop to make the xerox. I asked her for coffee. She agreed.

"You don't need to do all that. Going all the way to make the xerox for me. I can do it," Shraddha said.

I pretended to be cool like the dudes who are serenaded by girls. "Come on, I am not your boyfriend," I winked. We laughed together. We became the best of friends. There was no day that could pass without speaking to each other. I took pride walking to college with her and we sat together, often hang out at coffee shops or watching movies together. The guys were jealous of me. After me, she was the trophy girl. I was falling for her. I was suddenly happy and gloom for no reason. You know the feeling, right? Falling in love for your best friend. There is always the risk that she might run away from you. I woke her up in the morning so that we don't run late for lectures.

One day, I called her frantically and she was so upset that I was behaving that way when she couldn't pick up the phone. "Get a life, dude," she fumed. Shraddha would avoid my calls and messages. I went mad and losing sleep. I cannot understand that woman.

One day, she called, "Hi, we need to meet now only. What's wrong with you? Not picking up the phone." We met at the same Barista on FC Road where we would  often hang out together .

Shraddha took a sip of coffee, "It's getting delicate and complicated, dude. I was avoiding your calls because you are falling in love with me and I don't want it to happen. When I am gone, you will be in pain."

I protested. "Shut up, you idiot. I know you too well. Goodbyes are always painful. Love cannot happen between us. It's better we part away but I know we will treasure memories spent together. You are my most important friend. But, we may meet again tomorrow. But, promise me that you will not cry and will start dating someone if you have truly loved me."

I promised to her. We hugged. I was pissed with her for behaving that way. After all, Shraddha doesn't have a heart. The next day, I received a call from Shraddha's number and a female voice asked me to come to the hospital.

She was lying like a dream with an angelic smile on her face. The glitter never faded away. Shraddha was adorned in a red sari, bangles and red lipstick on her like the most beautiful bride on earth. She was gone. A lady in her 50s touched my shoulder, "Beta! I am Shraddha's Mom. She died of cancer and left this letter for you." The lady broke into tears.

"Dear Karan,

When you read this letter, I'd be gone in heaven. You promised to me that you will not cry. Whenever I think of you and me together, my pain disappears and I smile every time. I loved you till my last breath. I made so many plans that we would make beautiful babies. I guess, it was not meant to be. Respect our love. Promise that you will not cry and tear yourself.  Crying means that you have removed me from my life. I will watch over you and distract you when you kiss the next girl you will date. Be a gentleman. Yes, don't tear paper and throw on her hair. Girls don't like it.


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