Heart is not made of PINK

His voice choked with emotions. The thin and frail young man's mouth oozed blood, bore scratch and his body was bruised. He crawled and limped his way to the court. They were out to get him, The gang wouldn't rest till they settled scores with him. He wanted to be a savior when they dragged the girl at the abandoned and decrepit mill in Old Bombay. He stopped to pee behind the building and lit a cigarette when he heard a girl's cry of despair which they forcefully dragged to rape. 

The good samaritan that he was always taught to respect and protect a woman's honor. After all, he was born from the womb of a woman. How can he pretend that nothing happened? He is a common man and he couldn't beat those four ruffians who were trying to gang rape an innocent woman. He threw a stone on one of the assailants and hit him on the head. Stones were unfurled like a barricade of guns, The gang was distracted and ran for cover. In the flick of seconds, he ran towards the girl and shouted, "Just pull your clothes. We don't have time. Let's run."

They ran for their life and breathed profusely. They fell down while trying to cross the bridge, skin bruised while pushing away branches and thorns. The ruffians were within touching distance. The girl was finally to jump the metal roof and crossed the bridge but he fell down.  She turned around and stopped. He shouted at her, "Just run for your life. You can make it. Go, I tell you." She had no choice and in no time, sprinted like a mad woman on the busy street.

He couldn't move. They pounced and beat him to death."You are a saint. You saved her. Now, who will save you from us? Acting like hero and all! Do you hero giri now. See how life is pricey. We will torture you to death."

They kept him inside the dark and dilapidated building for days. The woman's life was saved and much against her parents' wishes, she boldly filed a case at the police station and called the media. This random guy saved her life. She is going take a stand and fight her way to save the guy's life. Her heart is not made of pink. Her favorite color is Pink but it has no gender. Pink is the color of humanity. She doggedly decided to fight for her ideals. The culprits will be brought to book.

The case was heard at the Bombay High Court. The prosecution lawyer hearing was heard and the judge decided to give another hour for the witness to reach court. The defense lawyer argued that she is cooking a story and conspiring to frame three innocent boys who belong to honorable families.

The kidnapped man gave the ruffians a slip and crawled his way in the rainy weather. He slipped and fell down several times, hit by bullets in the legs and finally made his way out, zigzagged on the busy street like a beggar to reach court. He collapsed on the table. The defense lawyer showed the video clip on the mobile. The three men were given life sentence.

A young man stood for a young girl at the cost of his life when probably most of them would feign ignorance owing to fear. A girl raised her voice against the system at the cost of being maligned as a prostitute.

A heart is not made of PINK. Two young people choose to make PINK the color of life, justice and ideology.

Pink-The film releases on Friday, September 16. It's a story that revolves around three Delhi-based girls who crosses path with a yesteryear lawyer played about Amitabh Bachchan. The ensemble cast comprises Taapsee Pannu, Angaad Bedi, Kirti Kulhari, Andrea Taring and Piyush Mishra. Produced by Shoojit Sircar, the film is directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury. Pink is not just a film but a thought, an idea about morality and the system. How far would you go to stand for something which is morally right? Pink answers your questions that perhaps warrant a change in mindset, questioning your beliefs and shaking the system.

The film has already garnered positive reviews among the film industry and critics has showered praise, terming it as the film to be watched this year. Wear PINK and watch the film. Releasing all over. The suspense is out today.

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