Letter to my unborn and imaginary sister

Dear sister,

It’s Raksha Bandhan, celebrating the sibling bonds. Today, I write to you a letter and know our souls are interconnected. You ushered in this world, you little angel. When Mom and Dad brought you from the hospital, I caressed your tiny little hands and fingers. I winked at you. You are a pure angel and symbol of divinity, sparkled like a Goddess. When I first held you in my arms and touched your tender skin,   your beautiful soul spoke to me. It’s the language of love. You cried. I smiled. Your tiny fingers touched and scratched my skin. You held tightly to my palms.

I promised to the seas and mountains, lakes and skies, no harm or scratch will come near you. My heart melted every time I see you and adorn you to unconditionally. Your angelic smile brought tears to my eyes. Little darling sister, you are my life. You are the earth’s daughter. I see you as my equal. You are a girl. I am proud to have you as my sister.

Often, we pull each other’s hair and squabble stupidly over petty things, hide each other’s stuff or pull each other’s hair. It’s our symbol of love. Pure, flawless and free. It’s not just a thread. This Raakhi is a bond that we share as human beings. They say the brother protects the sister. It’s quite a patriarchal enforcement. You don’t need my protection, sister. You are a strong girl, baby sister.
You fight for your rights. Don’t let them cow you. You will stumble, fall down and tear yourself down to see their microscopic view. Don’t listen to them. Slowly pick up the threads. Be yourself. 

Don’t let them give you an identity, daughter, girl, mother or sister. You are an individual and human, unique in your own way. You are allowed to fail. You are no God bestowed with super human power. You were not born to fulfil their obligations, cook food and adheres to social mores and their skyrocketed expectations. We all fail, don’t we? Why should it be different for you? Just because you are a girl!

Wear a short skirt, if you feel like and be yourself. It’s their roving eyes and not yours. Don’t blame yourself if pervs leer at you. Simply break their lecherous eyes. You will call you a sinner for you will party till late night and surrounded by your male friends.  You are special, born to be extraordinary and go against the crowd. Be free as a human being, fly and soar to touch the heights for you are destined to be that. You are special.

One day you will have a boyfriend, hold his hand and kiss him passionately. Don’t be ashamed of making love to the man who will touch your soul. Wear no cloak of pretence and put your heart on the sleeve. You will make mistakes and don’t feel terrible about. Cry if you must and release pent up energy. Don’t be fazed by society for tears don’t make you weak. Sister, you are the most beautiful soul in my imagination.

Tread the uncharted path and don’t let their silly attitudes tell you girls are unwanted or it’s not made for you. Foray boldly in the male domain and shake the foundations. Be the change and the person you always wanted to be. They will intimidate you and call you unwanted names. Do not let it bog you or their cowardly assault weakens you. It’s your battle and fight like a true warrior. Conquer the world and win hearts.

The world will sit and respect who you are. Shout if you may at them and blast the idiots. You have every right to be angry at the world that crushes you into pieces. Don’t toe the false lines spread by morons.  You are no fragmented piece or a furniture piece that dolls up in the living room. You breathe fresh air with aspirations and human needs.

Don’t tolerate injustice. We don’t live in dark ages. Stand for yourself, head held high and mighty. You will never stay in the dark. Celebrate the woman and spirited soul in you. Slay your demons. You are a warrior.

Shine like the Greek Goddess. Spread unconditional love with all the force and climb up the ladder with courage. Dear Sister, you are unborn and exist in my imagination. I am proud of you. I have already met your soul and you must be kicking in a womb, connecting our hearts and souls. I am a single child and misses you, sister but I know your soul is warming to this sibling letter and smiling in the heaven.

Happy Raksha Bandhan, imaginary sister. With love

Your brother

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