India at 70: Freedom, unblemished soul and Liberation

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Free the mind;
Unshackled the ego;
Liberate from hatred and excess luggage.
Symbol of unity;
De-clutter the soul;
Flush out frustration and unhappiness;
Being Indian;
A choice;
An emotional journey;
A quest for oneness;
At the stroke of midnight,
heart tingle,
drenched in emotions;
Wondering about our freedom fighters;
soldiers guarding our borders,
and, commoner waging a daily battle;
We are warriors;
Our freedom cannot be traded,
or, taken for granted;
Value our unity,
freedom of expression;
Tolerant India;
Remove caste, class,
or religious prejudices;
Fight the war;
Say no against rape and assault against women;
You don't dictate her body;
Adorned bride at 70;
Unblemished You shall be;
Fight of your sons and daughters;
Scars may remain;
Victorious we shall be!

Happy Independence Day, folks
Jai Hind

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