Friendship Day: Celebrating colors of joy

Image sourced from Google/Orkutmasti.com

Colors of joy.
Painting expression of love.
Longing for togetherness.
Emotional roller-coaster.
Leaning on shoulders,
to nurse and wipe tears.
Mental stamina.
Crazy laugh.
Fight like enemies
Love like lost siblings.
Aliens in the making.
Vowing to change the world.
Midnight muse.
The last alcohol drop.
Our drugs,
till the last puff is over.
Pain seems like adventure trek.
Unbarred souls.
Everything is justified.
Done to the extreme.
Thrill at full speed.
Discovering the self.
A heart to love and lose.
High on life.
Overdose of longing for each other.
Squabbling ferocious.
Tight hug of a lifetime.
Million lights in our hearts.
Friends are our drugs and obsession.
Making memories zillion times,
in full zest and excitement.

Happy Friendship Day.

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