Flash Fiction: Naked Shot

Naked Shot

He lay icy cold on the wooden bed and sweat oozed like water on the stiff and inertly skinny body. Tension wore thin on her face and looked around to make sure nobody tracked her movement inside the white coated apartment. She had no other alternative but to act super fast and run against time to get rid of the body that would invite the glaring eyes of neighbors and cops. It is already stinking and she almost choked and puked.

Her hands were shaking and almost jumped in fright when an object moved like light, shoving past her bum. A noise was heard inside the kitchen. It turned out to be the neighborhood cat Maggie who leaped out of the window to disappear in the dark. Suddenly, someone was banging on the door with all the might that almost broke the lock. Her eyes bore fear and popped out.

Was she caught? Who got wind of the act? Perfect shot, cut. Scene canned, yelled the director doubling as the corpse who hugged her tightly. Both lovers act on prompt the filmi way to kill the boredom out of their relationship to act in the middle of the night. Their last video shared on You Tube garnered 15,00 hits last night. They were unaware that they were filmed naked by the hidden camera inside the house.


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