Coffee tales and confession! I like it hot!

Coffee time...check check! Coffee Mug in kitchen...check check! 

Ain't I surviving without the coffee grain in the morning? It got me wonder how and why! It's the kick for an active morning. I like my coffee strong where I end up doling gyan to the waiter at my coffee hang out to make it thick and foam flowing atop to make me swirl my way for the day. I am sure they must be wondering what a prick I am.

I don't compromise on my coffee, be it at home or in a restaurant and the moment you mess up with my coffee grains, you are gone for the day. It's quite a tale of obsession that I have nurtured over time and it totally screw my head when the so-called barista makes a weak coffee that wouldn't even classify as decent grain. They get an earful in a super cool, gentle and sweet manner from me. The customer is King.

It's the time of the year when you wonder on the zillion cups of coffees gulped to charge you up and it feels like a fortune amassed throughout the year. The strong coffee bearing various labels and this year I experimented with different brands of coffee, moving away from the traditional Nescafe that I normally have. Like life, it's good to experiment with brands and I loove it hot and sizzling. My coffee gives me company to work, write and of course, read books. It's a great company in my literary journey of life.

It brings me back to the halcyon college coffee days when the whole day was spent sipping coffee at Barista and CCD day, the place where we would study for exams and the open space was traded for shedding 60 bucks sitting for the whole day. I sorely miss those Mumbai and Pune days. Restless morning! You pull tee and jeans to storm you way to CCD or Barista, smoking and gulping, doing gap shup with people as if you have been assigned by the Government to discuss national issues from Sachin to Nuke Deal or India-Pakistan, forgetting your studies. The magic of coffee grain unfurls into your mind which is suddenly sprung to life and making way to your self-claimed intellectual discussion. 

The coffee moments is such a mate that you can hide behind the grains to ask a chick out with so much confidence that you think she will not turn you down. Like CCD ensnares us like the modern Day Meneka, 'A lot can happen over Coffee' as if things never happen on its own and coffee is the new George Bush who triggered war. I gotta ask Donald Trump if he loves coffee!

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I am actually thinking what coffee can do to people after gulping two cuppa of brandless coffee I got for cheap at the supermarket. The taste is still languishing in my tongue after a good one hour making me think whether my body will suddenly turn coffee like the blue wala Neelkanth. I can be the new coffee God!

Ah!!! Coffee is synonymous with that dude called Karan Johar who spreads his couch for celebrity guests making sensational revelations about love, life and sex. Heard Ranbir Baba confessed of sleeping with someone's girl friend under the influence of Coffee. Tauba! Tauba! Now, this coffee confession beats alcohol hands down. No way, my coffee will push me to reveal dark secret for my hand is decently kept inside my pant. What coffee grains does to people? That too, for a hamper. Now, I wanna a coffee hamper for free. Demonetisation is happily keeping all coffee secrets inside the banks.

I love my coffee which is not mixed with toxic and me promise not to gulp Irish coffee, the same grain mixture with alcohol. Remember, I told you I like my coffee strong under the influence of Priyanka Chopra to pep me up and no, no saucy revelation. Enjoy a strong cup and don't kiss your cup and tell.


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