Pan Another Day

It’s the mother of ads! Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa. Pierce Brosnan aka James Bond 007, shouts on the roof top Pan Never Goes out of Style! Thank you, James Bond, our latest import. We shall PAN Another Day.

Forget about Fawad or Mahira Khan, the doe-eyed dude has been redefined. It’s our James Bond who flies in style to India and he flung the power of PAN on our foes, spitting balls of fire, mouthing and screaming PAN Another Day. Now, who can kill us when our Brosnan goes local, far from the Brylcreem to go lethal! Pan Bahar substituting as a surgical strike on our sworn enemy Pakistan! I bet our neighbour will stop exporting terror on our land.

No damsel in distress. Ladies! Game for an adrenaline rush to desire a piece of our bearded Brosnan or his flesh smeared Pan Bahar. Heard temperature is soared to a dizzying height to make our females go weak on their knees as our newly imported and adopted Desi version makes Pan Bahar his weapon of mass destruction in style.

Brosnan is not Brexited. Be like Pierce Brosnan. Chew the Pan Bahar. Reeling under shock that Brexit is pushing Brosnan to sweat and pump iron with Pan Bahar. Hey! Pan Bahar is the new secret to longevity. Now, who needs Viagra?  It’s simply Ban Bahar. The scent of Brosnan! Imagine apna Brosnan smearingPan Bahar on his face and body to make the females feel it to the top.  
Our James Bond is the Indian salesman of the year. You are in for a surprise and don’t hit the rock bottom if you see him at the Taj Mahal, greeting you with Pan Bahar wearing traditional white attire. Bas ek Pan Bahar Tandroosti ke liye! Pierce Brosnan is storming its way to make our Sunnys’ irrelevant, Deol and Leone. Pan Another Dude is making redundant Paaji’s  dhai kilo ka haath jab kissi pe utha toh aadmi udhta nahin udh jata hai. Jo Pan Khaye woh udhega aur duniya petal dee nahin hoga.

Pan Bahar will make our dudes fake an ogre and climax of sort pumping fist and iron to win their lady love for it never goes outta style. After all, our man is swooned by super hot damsels for he is the Pan man. Pan Bahar is the new Shastra, hurled at the enemies of the world and he takes the pie sitting on his crown. It’s Pan Bahar! Watch out an old but rejuvenated Brosnan giving tough competition to our macho heroes and the secret potion is Pan Bahar.

Fair N Lovely! You face tough competition by giving false hopes to be fair in today’s world where you are decried on misplaced colour superiority. It’s PAN. Who wanna be fair in today’s world? The buzz word is to rejuvenate the skin. Trust Brosnan to be the ambassador of hope to our waning skin and youthfulness. He’s the messiah and saviour of mankind. Oops! Did I say that? A faded brand getting a kick in the bum and Pan Bahar becomes The Order of the Phoenix, rises from the ashes.

Now, you know why Pan Bahar is trending? The memes and trolls on Pan’s glamour are ringing in bahar for their Mehboob has gone greyish. You imagine them to be a fool! The trolls are stumped with Pan Bahar and trust David O’gilvy to be resuscitated in his grave and burst to life. The stakes are high. O’gilvy pyare wanna grab Pan Bahar. Kya Idea Sirjee! Revise your copy Idea cellular. How about making Donald Trump chew Pan Bahar to knock some sense into his dim wit head? Say Pan Bahaar Trump Baba.

It’s Pan Bahar, the Pierce Brosnan way. Now, don’t keep fleeting hope that we will get back the Kohinoor. It’s lost forever like the twin sons separated at birth at the Kumbh Mela for Her Majesty has already sent us Pierce Brosnan. Take him and we don’t wanna him anymore...in exchange for Kohinoor. And, they ruled on us for decades. Pan Bahar offers new hope. Chew till the last hope for Brexit is buried deep in the grave. If James Bond can give us hope, we shall Pan Another Day.

Now let's sing together, James Bond 007....Pan Another Day 007. Once again! Say Pan...Pan Bahar! Penchan Kamyaabi Ka

Controversially Yours

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