Of Movies, Coffee and Books

Its been a while I haven't posted on this space coz the other blog has been occupying my attention and gaze. It's easier to attract traffic on blogspot relative to my wordpress.com where I have to pull all strings together, rake up brain to devise strategies to attract stats and all. Worry not, I am alive, kicking and in a jolly good mood.
I wonder whether I'll be able to survive without gulping my regular cuppa coffee. As I wake up, the first thing I do is to walk my way to the kitchen to make my coffee which I gulp with a cigarette. On my way back towards office, I jump in the coffee shop and order my Capuccino and hang around for a good two hours. Try it out: Have coffee and read a good book or magazine. It's the perfect idea of relaxation before jumping to office.
I have been reading quite some good books and since the start of the year, I must have finished six to seven books and the only brownie point is a terrible book, 50 Shades of Grey. I took more than one month to read this badly written piece of crap and after it was over, I was too happy to shed it in some corner in the room. I wonder why the author E L James wrote the book and honestly speaking, what was she thinking! I wonder?! Heard that there are two more sequels to that. Certainly, I am not the least interested. Once bitten, twice shy.
Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed reading R K Narayan Swami & Friends which is an amazing book and I wonder how he pull together small things and make it such a pleasurable read. I am almost over with Chetan Bhagat, What Young India which is a collection of small columns. It is not bad as CB raises important questions on corruption plaguing the country, youth and politics. However, I do have issues with some of his ideas and at times, he does go over the top and rush to conclusions. I prefer CB any tie with Two States and Five Point Someone which are his forte. Finally, I am gearing up to second part of Shiva's Triology, The Secrets of Naga and I am gung ho about the book. I simply love, Immortals of Meluha which was an amazing piece of creative work. I am also dying to read the mythology based Raavan, Asura. I have quite a few books, some I got from India last year while other books was left by a colleague and friend, Eva who is leaving for Nepal. There are tons of books lying in the office for us and we just wanna grab them. I am also waiting for the next opportunity to take Salman Rushdie's autobiography from my neighbour. Heard the book is a stunning page turner. I don't have any doubt. Anyday, Rushdie finds himself among my hot favorites.
It's been a while I haven't watched a movie at the theater. Just Imagine I missed Midnight's Children, Special 24 and so many which I intend to catch on DvD. I a gonna catch Kai Po Che at the theater on Monday and yes, I watched Sudhir Mishra's Inkar based on sexual harassment. Inkar boast of good performance by Arjun Ramphal and Chitrangada Singh who's a scorcher but also a power house of talent. Inkar is not bad as a movie and a honest attempt to bring to light sexual harrasment and how to draw the line between flirting and harassment. However, Mishra completely fucks up during the climax which I think is ridiculous. Not a bad outing, though.
Btw, I have a fetiche for pens and it's been long I haven't bought pens. I intend to buy as much pens to fill my pen casing. Also, visit my other blog on www.vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com and make sure you drop a nice word.
I shall cya.
Cheer N lotsa Love

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