Friends, distance and growing apart

Distance is a drifter and as time grows, we grow apart from each other.
We have been together through thick time and lending support to each other.
How we wished that time will never evolve and we will be sitting, laughing over silly randomness.
That what are friends do.
They love the spirit of being together for years and yearns that the good times stays like still water.

It's a catch-22 like situation! It happen when one take life for granted as it's the law of nature for things to evolve! We need to move on! So many times, I've heard this oft-repeated and comforting phrase. Well! Most of my friends have started to move on, be it at the workplace or outside. The people I have spent wonderful times have decided to move on in different directions in life and I am feeling so b-o-r-e-d now. All of sudden, it feels like things is starting to fall apart. First at the work place. some of the best buddies have decided to move on and go to places in faraway distance and then, one hears that another friend is leaving to settle to HongKong. What a situation? It's like the bubble of togetherness start to burst. Well! ahem! ahem!
One of my best pal in Pune and Mumbai with whom I was spending a kind of 'dating'-pejorative is entirely mine on Gchat for almost two years has suddenly decided to shift back her base to Mumbai. It's been almost two years where we were looking forward to chat with each other..me rushing back home from work to pinge her. A tinge of sadness quite naturally since we become so used to each other. Like Hell, I promise Meghna that I shall meet her in Mumbai and perhaps, it's a sort of motivation she's giving me to go and embrace the world or the big city that never sleeps.
I can't help asking myself, so what's wrong? People are suddenly started to leave one place and move out. It's freaking sad crazy situation. Is it a prelude to some happening in one's life and perhaps, the time has ushered for me to consider moving to an entirely new place of wisdom, joy and happening. Perhaps, a new challenge is waiting to unfold itself. As they say, friends are the siblings we never had and it might be a sure sign for us to consider new stuffs and they may be opportunities that we need to grab. Who better than our close friends who are giving us the hint!
It's just that we get so used to friends in the first place and when they start moving out, we feel so much out of place and out of synch with each other. Will distance make us grow closer or we will drift apart? In the hum-drum of city life, we tend to be so full of ourselves that we can almost forget the friends with whom we laughed and cried together? Life is unfair, some would say. Hey, but that's the challenge and learn to grow with your friends, no matter how far you are from each other!!!!
Would love to hear your views.
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