Three and half years

Three and half years all it takes for a baby to tread with dreams in its eyes to embrace the world. It's hardly the end of a span of life where men and women have reached their elixir. Sadly so, the wonderful newspaper which has been a family of individuals exuding different spasm of emotions abruptly reached a dead end. It came as a rude shock for all of us who not only invested our everything but believed in our baby.
A decision of the company that weighed heavily on the team that fought till the end to prevent the closing of the newspaper. It was three years where we rejoiced, struggled to make the paper credible and tasted success. Bond were forget over the span of years and we've seen terrible times and believed in our success. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be as a resulted of vested interests and conspiracy. However, I believe that what goes around comes around and those who are playing the blame game will face their end. As a member of the team, I am patient and will cherish when that happens. Certainly, I cannot excuse these people.
It has been a great learning experience and whatever I have earned under the guidance of my mentor cannot be weighed in a few words. It was a matter of pride and honor to have learn so much from my mentor. I still can't come to terms with the closing of the newspaper and though, I received an offer from the sister company which I have accepted, I am considering to move into public relations or communication for a break before making a comeback to reporting. It will take a hell long time for wounds to heal.
I am positive to personally bounce back and it will take some time to be back on track. We survive on hope, promises and dream.

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