Haunting Past

Revisiting the past regression of my life, I ponder on the deception, joy and blunders.
I wonder on what could have been and what I could have become?
Isn't it a fallacy of existence?
No matter how much one try to erase the dubious past, it haunts us.
We can't help feeling rattled and vulnerable over past events unfolding in front of us.
The feeling of helplessness and joyful moments disappearing out of thin air.
We are envious of the eureka moments, wishing that we shall re-visit the joyful past.
The laughs, friendship, first kiss and first love.
Alas! It's not meant to be.
Life is a step forward and not a backward step, we often tell ourselves.
We console ourselves with the move ahead mantra.
Is it the biggest life?
Then, what is our biggest truth in life?
The future that we have never seen and witnessed!
As human beings, we are imbibed with a fickle mind.
A mind that is an easy prey to constant jarring emotional fits.
Our truculent state of being deter us from looking at the new horizons, challenges and source of happiness.
We were born like that perhaps!
We tend to crib even at the source of joy.
We want ten fold joy, hundred fold happiness which borders on our limitless desires.
The past shall haunt us as our heart find solace in the time that was and not present times.

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