Decoding the myths by self-claimed Man-child

Man as species may have never evolved over time. It is a self-declaration on our unwillingness to grow up and it has been showcased by movies such as Wake Up Sid, Bachna ae Haseena and the more recent John Abraham-Chitrangada Singh's flick I, Me aur Main. The women must abhor meeting guys who lives in 'mamma's world' and refuse to shoulder responsibilities.
Well, the average babe meet me, your average Man-Child and contrary to popular misconception about the manchild, I am quite responsible and remember the names of all the beautiful chicks in town and of course, their phone numbers. Kidding babe! Hehheeh! I do not shirk my responsibility at work nor am I mama's boy. Yes, it's an altogether different story that mom wanna do stuffs for me and think that I am still kiddy. But, this is an area where I claim growth and it's irritating when mom think that I am a baby.
I'm trying to provide light to the babes in deciphering the man-child and from a logical stance, we are all a child since we were born from the womb of a woman. Whether the male breed find it hard to accept or not, the grim reality is that in all males, a certain dollop of feminity oozes owing it to our mother. Men are emotional, some choose to cry while the rest suppress the female trait within. We do crave for a women who will shower motherly care and affection as we cling to her. We need the support of the girl friend to whom we cling in times of distress and dire need.
The character in I ME aur MAIN is a child within and he has no qualm in showing his weaknesses. He is a professional but playful when it comes to emotion and often doesn't realize that he is ignoring his girl friend, superbly portrayed by the hot and sizzling Chitrangada Singh. John's character needs Chitra so much that after a day at work he goes to her. He never minds being chided by his lady love over what  call his laid-back attitude, lack of responsibility and playful ways. The man-child is harmless and often need the female support to comfort him in times of need. Perhaps, it's his own way of escaping the harsh realities of life. In his own way, he is not doing anything wrong as he take stuffs in a light manner. The man-child never grows up and his cool ways makes him a harmless creature.
There are several myths regarding the man-child. It's a very wrong assumption to say that the man-child is weak. For one, the man-child in me is not weak and I am not the type who will fight with people through emotional outburst to show my strength. I strongly believe that by remaining silent as an option in complex situation constitute a plus in my character. Add to that, I don't like to be pushed to extreme situation to my own stuffs and I am so happy delving in own space and do things at my own pace. It's not called a lack of initiatives in life but rather being who I am. The man-child in me loves being himself and this is something I shall not trade for anything in life. I do react in a very innocent and child like manner to stuffs as the rest of the world shall snigger at, he's such a child. Yes! I am a child at heart and why the fuck should I change to make the world happy. I need to love myself first before loving the whole world. So, you see the man-child is not a people-pleaser contract to the myths and hooplah that surround the man-child.
Yes! The man-child doesn't shy away to fall in love and it is wise to say that he falls in love because he needs the sexually-mature women to deal with his complexities and fear. In this kind of relationship, it is unfair to say that the women dominates him but rather it's the best bet for the woman as there are more chances of a relationship based on equality with a man-child. He didn't come in the world with the superiority complex and don't see the reason as to why, he will come with excess baggage in a relationship. At times, the woman may have the upper edge in the emotional spectrum of the relationship as the man-child is a clinger. Babe! Don't worry, Should you choose to live him, the man-child will find his way with the world. Trust me! He is not scared of the world and its multiple challenges and in more than one case, the man-child achieve greatness coz he's not blinded by ego and think freely, albeit, in the most creative and mad manner.
In a nut-shell: How do I arrive at a self-definition of the man-child? Certainly, it's not a cracker or rocket-science stuff but the man-child that I am is a very normal human being with weird ways of doing stuffs. He is not a commitment-phobic guy but rather someone who has a very beautiful and romantic side. I am owning up of being a man-child and hope that I remain one forever and ever. It doesn't disturb me when I say that I am like a 16-year-old. You know the beauty of being a teen inside? It's a man who carries no extra burden and doesn't take himself too seriously, stay forever young in mind, soul and spirit. He is a super sensitive guy who cares for his babe and who in turn expect her to give the extra attention to him like a child. But, certainly, not an attention-seeker. I have no qualm in shouting on the roof top to declare myself as a man-child. Why should I grow up?

Despite not-so-rave reviews, I catched up with I, ME aur HUM coz I could relate to the character played by John Abraham in his relationship with his love ladies, Chitrangada Singh and Prachi Desai. Sure, it's an average flick but it's decent and time-pass movie. For a quick review, John shed his he-man image and beautifully plays the man-child and he is so natural in this movie. Chitangada Singh in her hot, sexy avataar is a power house of talent and energy though playing this serious woman is not really her plate. Prachi is cute and acts well in an altogether chatter-box role. On the whole, I ME aur MAIN is what I would call a fully faltoo, unpretentious movie that will make you laugh, sit, relax and enjoy. A one time watch and I fully identify with Ishaan, played by John.

The Man-Child.

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