He Suffered In Silence

He went through ordeal and tribulations in life.
He was abused time and time.
Yet, he suffered in silence.
It was a traumatic experience for him and his family.
They stood like rock-solid behind him, reminding him that ultimately truth will come out.
It was long struggle where he shouted on roof top declare his innocence.
He was just a pawn in the big political game.
His name was planted by his father's political rivals.
They finished both son and father.
He is an innocent being and at times, blindly trusting anybody that crossed his path.
He is a grown up yet a child inside.
Ever ready to help the strangest of the strangers who would come to him.
He is a soft-hearted fellow whose heart meltdown seeing people struggling to make both ends meet.
He believed in the goodness of the people around him.
It's another story that others left him in times of need.
Nah! That didn't stop him from being a good human being and a gem of a person.
He suffered in silence yet brave every struggle with gusto.
It is the story of a real life hero much beyond his reel life persona.
That's a real hero who is now resigned to his fate.
That should not stop him from being brave and facing the untoward circumstances.
Life is a struggle, Baba.
This has been his mantra as he walked the path of fire.
The story of a man who suffered in silence and yet emerged as victorious.
He conquered life biggest hurdled and emerged stronger as ever.

PS: The poem is dedicated to Sanjay Dutt who suffered in silence, faced the rough weather and storms in his life. A small mistake proved to be very expensive as he is being made a scapegoat. Let's hope that he emerges victorious as Baba always did.

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