Drop of alcohol and heaven

Dropping the ice cube in the scotch, it swashes its way in the glass.

I hold the glass and peer over the liquid that fizzles as I take a sip of the grand old scotch.

Who said alcohol is harmful to one's health?

A drop of alcohol soothes the mind, soul and body.

It transports us in the world of imaginary laden with lust and dreams.

A dream world that bear existence in the imaginary land as we are swayed in heaven.

Like the beautiful women, we are enamored by a drop of scotch as we delve deeply into a world of inconsistencies.

Love, lust are matters that bear half-truths made possible by the inventions of men.

We cherish the world of unrealism, it is a testimony to the escapism of the modern world.

Like sex, alcohol provide respite and refuge to the stark realities of life.

Scotch relaxes an over worked mind as we sought refuge in a world far from complicated.

The effect of alcohol make us yearn for more as a sure shot to heaven that exist only in the mind.

A mind that seeks metaphor to life, exposed to the complexities of human annihilism.

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