An Orkut Love Story: Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

What? Am I suffering from color blues??? I am prancing around in the cyber café when some South Mumbai (SoBo) girls in mini-skirts left their computer to shake a leg with me. What I get from hip chicks from Jai Hind College is a peck on my cheek with a ‘Cho chweet.’
The heart is playing havoc with the mind, sending me in a dream to see messages of love painted all over the town. Now, wait, am I making illusion or is the scrap for real, written and sent from Hong Kong to Mumbai? I click on Swagata’s profile, read her scrap and click ‘back’ on the mouse to read mine.
Yay! It’s a miracle. Swagata sent this message when I logged off and forgot to check it out. “Miss ya..kisses for the night.” Aha! She is missing me and my love story is taking off, finally.
I send, “So, you missed me during the night?”
She naughtily scraps back, “Were you kissing my profile pic?”
“May be,” I say.
“What may be..arggggg!” She shouted back. “Don’t play games. You are not allowed to cheat me,” She sends a smiley.
I beam with joy. “Thanks for telling me. We are dating.” That headline news that should appear on the front page of TOI.”
“Shut up, Mister. The joke is lame,” She tells.
“Acha suno. Have you started reading The Alchemist,” She asks.
“Nopes, not yet. Time nahin mila (I didn’t have time),” I defend myself.
“What do you do all day, except from chatting and flirting with me,” She non-chalantly asks.
“It’s just that I think about you all day. Thinking of making love to your luscious body,” I flirted.
“You are so sexual,” She complains.
I keep my mouth shut.
Swagata sends another scrap, “Don’t get over excited. We haven’t met yet and control your body senses cum orgasm. Be patient, my love.”
It’s getting hotter and hotter. It’s time to strike when the iron is hot. “Well, it proves one thing, you are in love with me,” I trouble her.
“Oho! Someone is getting romantic. I am just doing time pass with me. Hey! Suno! I gotta rush to confirm Mumbai tickets and Dad will be waiting for me. Read ‘The Alchemist’ and till you don’t, don’t show me your face,” She tries to divert attention.
“See ya, soon,” She sends with a wink.
Chalo! I gotta read Mr Coelho and sweep her off the feet with my knowledge of literature. Gosh! What one has to do in love? And, they say love is such a beautiful feeling.

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