Freedom from work

Hola people,
Having a Sunday free of penning stories for the newspaper in office and keeping my hands free from calling contacts is like cherry on the cake. Well, that doesn't mean that I dint work from home and yeah, I did make a story and mailed to office. But, but, having a Sunday in one month..well you can imagine what does that means for me..well it means a lot for a reporter/journalist.
So far, so good. Had a good week at work as I hardly struggled for story ideas, except on Sunday last owing to bad planning.
Olympics game just kicked off and frankly speaking, I hardly had the time to follow the cracking opening and show. I am seriously praying that Team India puts a good show and spell some magic to make us proud. Well, time to update blog dosts on the latest happening in the life of lame journalist as I call myself..no pun unintended here. I attended a coffee tasting event at a resort called Cafe Lux* and was treated to amazing Machiato and flat white coffee. Just imagine one attends an event to get a story and out of the blue you get another story and that too not just a story at random..a mini kinda interview with a model and contendant for Miss Universe who just popped for a cuppa coffee. I jumped at the opportunity and just in time caught  hold of Miss South Africa and asked her a few questions and managed to click a pic with her.
Miss Bam came for a photo shoot for Cosmo... and I must concede that she oozes hotness combined with humility and is grace personified. Well, normally I am not gung-ho about goris and my stand hasn't changed after meeting Miss SA. Just stating the fact and it was a pleasure speaking to her. My first brush with a model and I was quite upbeat when the story came. Unfortunately, just gotta seven minutes with her..nahin toh..no dearies don't get sexy ideas here..I mean my interview would have been longer. But, it turned out very well.
Well, what else the peeping toms..oops peeping blog dosts wanna know about my life..I do like someone but for the moment she might read this blog, so not really opening the book of ma life..shall keep it for my personal diary and if that's a bit of news for you, gals and guys..that's it!!!!Yeah, but it's not really happening..I made my move and by now she knows about my feeling..but I am not the kinda guy who will play the wooing game if someone expects me to chase..I might well move on and carry on wid ma life..I have better stuffs to do in life.
Yeah, been fiddling with relationship issues of friends as I turned into love gurus for two chicks and advising them on what to do..or lemme put it that way, from a guy's perspective..well, if anyone of you have relationship issues, you know my door is open and you are more than welcome on blogspot, blogdosts...
After ages, I started reading the P G Wodehouse series and this time I laid my hands on The Head of Kays and after that I shall jump to one of Osho's book I got myself at a fair. I have quite a few books to read. Tomorrow is Monday and I am already abhorring it and gotta face the blues since I gotta wake up at 6.30 a.m. Reason: After a hell lotta struggle I gotta an appointment with a guy for the Olympics game and adding that to another story I have already prepared..so reached office, I shall be in a frantic-cum-hyper mood of running around from one place to another to hunt for stories.
I shall make a move now as I reach for a DvD movie to end my well deserved and luxurious Sunday.
Posing with Miss SA, Melinda Bam
Cheerio! kalti marta hoon boss.

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