Dil Se

Do I have a story to tell on the blog? I'm alive and kicking and right now, I've been turned into a potato couch with lappie on ma knees and fidgeting with the remote..actually, I've turned and shifted base on the couch for quite some time now, what with fidgeting with the remote watching news channels like NDTV and Headlines Today and in the wee hours of the morning, I'm glued to Zoom and MTV India.
Strange happens to an unemployed kinda ex-journo like and I seriously feel that my room is haunted and there is some strange, evil power hell-bent on driving me out of the room. First, the lap-tap was not charging for a month or so and I survived by plugging in 24 by 7 and the power was diminished by one fucking per cent in a day. I got a Dell charger for a day and charged the lappie at maxi 100 per cent. Then, one fucking day, the light went off and shifted lappie to the hall where I had the luxury to watch TV till late night. The day, I turned into a fat, potato couch and shifting lappie in the hall, sleeping on the couch. The books, diary, magazines and note pad plus pen found a new location and I felt like a hippie surviving in the hall. It reminds me so much of college days. Na! It was not a bane but boon coz the lappie miraculously started charging in the power in the hall. Guess, something was wrong with the power structure in the room. Ahem! Ahem! I am experiencing some power in the body as I lay care-free on the couch and working on the lap-tap.
I just got some new books, got Patrick French travel on India and Amish last outing, 'Oath of Vyaputra' which I am dying to start. But, gotta wrap up with Vikram Seth's Two Lives and a take on call centres, BPO-Sutra that I just started. Trust, the Sutra is a fun read as one get to know what really happens in India's call center..what with customer calls an agent almost everyday coz the guy is sympathetic and wanna fix his daughter with the poor call center guy and condoms that freaked the call center cab-driver..no! seriously! What a good life these BPO guys have. Hence, rightly called, BPO-Sutra. I went quite a few times for some call center interviews and the exact number is three. But, it's another thing that I didn't take the job. Regrets! err no...
What a guy without a job normally do? Well! It's fun in the start with sleeping beyond 1 or 2 p.m, reading and writing blogs..trying to pen short stories and attempt to write a novel. Life izz even without the steady flow of income and like somebody told me, make the most of it coz when you'll be back to new job, time will be such a bit. Agree! The story of the day is that I de-activated my FB account and coping very well with four days without facebooking. It's good for a change as all sorts of social networking sites were getting to my head and wasn't getting nething new. A time waste. I know I'll be back and giving myself a one-month break from Facebook. It's a bane being on the social networking site and I'm happy to be out. I am not missing FB at all despite that I was a hardcore addict.
I did watch some old movies on Star Gold..caught up with SRK 90s starrer, Ram Jaane and Bobby-Preity starrer Soldier that was such a fun movie. I soo love the punjabi song, Tera Rang Balle Balle. Good fun and it's nice to be back to the 90s mode. How cinema has changed now with the rom-com, thrillers and meaningful cinema. Such a contrast like our lives which keep changing at the toss of a coin.
Time now, to say ta-ta and this post was written from the heart..no thinking process or planning..ek dum dil se...
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