Say I love bread with pictures

Picture 1: I love the pic with a mermaid surrounded by bread and sea shells.

It's a lazy Sunday. A day I lazed around and no pressure to read stuffs or blog my way, I sat in the hall, watching Race 2 on DvD and right now, watching Barkha Dutt's show on the food bill. Well, it's Sunday and I ain't not bore you with debating on the issue.
Yesterday, I clicked some pictures and I feel it's goes perfectly well with Sunday, matlab fun day. There was show bread festival going on yesterday on my way to the shopping center where I go for my coffee and read stuffs. On my way, I clicked some pics and enjoy the breads on display. Above: Read picture one, Breads on display coupled with flour, shells and the mermaid is made our flour. It's such a beautiful and creative work that is pleasure to the eyes.

picture 2:Bakery at work with bread on display and nature showcased with miniature forest and human beings beautifully portrayed. 
 Personally, I love picture number two (above), with ready made bread at the extreme right and small miniature bakery as the factory. One can also see a well-built man which can be certainly be interpreted as physique can be built by eating bread. I also love the setting of the bakery designed in the forest frequented by man and and animals.

Picture 3: Bread the world

Picture 3 (above): Bread the world. One can see the French ginger bread which I love eating and small miniature breads that was on display. Normally, it is very rarely that I eat bread except sandwiches, cake or Indian snacks for breakfast or afternoon. I prefer the ginger bread since I find it tasty and spicy.
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 PS: I hope you enjoy the picture features that find its way on Sunday.

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